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Today: 1.25 hour barre control class at M6

Yesterday: 5.50 mi. slow, hilly, post-work run with Ruby Sunshine/ 44.53 min.

That dog, man. I wasn’t going to run yesterday because I just wasn’t feeling it, and mentally, I’d already made it my rest day, which is technically Friday, according to my marathon training schedule. But she gave me the look.


Please, Mother. Please! I really want to go for a run!

How could I say no to that? So we got dressed in our finest and were on our way.


Hit or miss photography skills courtesy of the husband.

Safety first! Those shorts almost glow in the dark! I am so dang paranoid about being seen by drivers when I run that I always wear something obscenely bright, and I never, ever wear music. No music allows me to hear everything in my surroundings. 

I know I’m in the minority.



I actually LOVE music! I can spend all day with my girls listening to different music on Pandora. We love music that makes us dance, that’s for sure! We shamelessly get down to Brit Brit, X-tina, Spice Girls, and any other girl-power tracks. 

Don’t judge.

Run to Inspire recently commented that he’s been into a group called Icona Pop, which definitely got our feet moving! There’s nothing like dancing in the kitchen with your kids!

It’s too bad I majorly lack even the tiniest bit of dance talent. At least talent that people other than my kids think is cool.

Which is exactly why Veronique and I woke up bright and early-ish to make it to Michelle’s barre class at M6 this morning.


Your eyes are not deceiving you. I do, in fact, have man-arms and man-calves.

It’s so good to have a friend to workout with! This class doesn’t get easier, that’s for sure! That’s why we love it!

For the record, if V and I were both trying out for SYTYCD, she’d FOR SURE win! Hot Chocolate Runner has zero coordination!


I heart Mary Murphy something fierce!

Mary would not approve of my style. No hot tamale train would come pick me up. Not now, not ever.

I did pick up a hitchhiker today, though.


Duke of Thousand Oaks.

No, I didn’t actually pick him up off the side of the road. Don’t you know that dogs don’t have thumbs?

I’m babysitting him for the weekend. He chose to sit on the floorboard, btw. It’s his thing.

And because I’m an equal-opportunity lover, here’s my favorite labicus:


Ruth. The most loyal lab.

It’s a good thing I’m surrounded by all these dogs today because the temps are very un-SoCal-like:


That translates to freezing for me.

What are your plans for the weekend?

My mom and I are taking the girls to a family art day at Pepperdine, and then we’re going to see the Eric Carle production.