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ran 5.25 miles/ 42.03 min.


10.26 mi. run with steep climbs ’round the middle (we’re talking 9:30 mi. pace steep!)/ 1:20:36

3.63 mi. walk with the dogs and the double Bob


6.25 mi. TM run

3.65 mi. walk with the d-o-g-s and girls

I’m pretty sure that marathon training is just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Same goes for the race itself (or so I hear). It’s also a challenge because I don’t want my training to effect my time with my kids, so if they have a party, we go, and I run later.

I wanted to run in the morning, but the husband wanted to surf after his shift, so I took the girls for a walk in the morning instead… before the most Real Housewives of Valentine’s Day parties I’ve ever been to:


Can you imagine coming home to this every day?!?!

No joke, this house was up the street from the B. Spears’ house. I’m surprised I didn’t see her out in the village!


Out getting her nails did on Sunday! Source.

She also shops at my Target. I’m bound to run into her eventually!

My kid’s friend’s mother went all out, and stocked all my favorite foods from Dylan’s Candy Bar, Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s candy shop now open at The Grove in L.A.


Chocolate and gummy candy? And Runts? You’ve GOT to be kidding me.


Kid paradise.


Who needs fancy toys when there’s a giant mountain and boulders to climb on in the back?!?!

Blondie schooled the husband in bouldering.

My favorite snacks at the party were these:


Time warp to my days of high school with the sour gummy tape!

The gummy candy fueled my 10-miler, which was supposed to be an 8-miler, but thanks to getting lost at the far end of Westlake Blvd. in its neighborhood of hills and more hills, I sucked it up and put in an extra 2. My pace averaged 7:45 on all but the middle three miles with the long, steep hills.

Overall, it felt good. I only took my 12 oz. of Fluid hydration in my handheld:


Count the fashion crimes. I dare you.

It was freezing yesterday in So Cal. 56 degrees!

But, I got my run in. 

As for the TM run on Saturday, I ran hard (for me) on incline 1. 2 miles @ 8:00 pace, 1 @ 7:35, 1 @ 7:30, 1@ 7:03, .5 @ 7:13, and .5 @ 6:58. Then I jogged it out for .25 mi. to cool down.

As much as I haven’t dug the ‘mill runs, I think they’re really helping my speed.

In honor of being three weeks into mary training, here’s my favorite picture from the weekend:


Blonde hair don’t care.

It’s a special day when Nana is giving out free hair dos!


So pretty!

What’s the best picture from your weekend?