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6.15 mi. trail run/ 52 min.


5.25 mi. TM run

1.25 hour barre control class at M6

Michelle’s barre class last night was a kiiller! I remember clearly on my first day at M6, an older woman in particularly amazing shape warned me that it never gets easier. 

So far, I’ve almost died every single class.



Cousin love!

My supercousin, Laura, Sophia, and I had jello legs after class, which is apparently working for me because I’m much less fatigued in my long runs.

Today’s run was rough, though. Since my supercousin and I are running a trail half in March, I thought I’d start getting in some trail runs to prepare for it, since I felt like a three-legged mule when I ran it last year.

Is trail running supposed to be slower than road running? I feel like a kook out there on the dirt!

Oh, well.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, so I did my best to fatten up:


I should give up espresso for Lent. But I’m not going to.

You don’t want to be around me if I haven’t had my espresso.

Yes. It’s true. If I don’t have my espresso, I turn into a cat lady.

For dinner, I picked up what had the potential to be a life-changing meal from Jinky’s.




A little Greek yogurt? Don’t mind if I do!

My husband had the Boston turkey chili, which he thought was perfectly spicy. I had the Jinky’s veggie, which was more like beans soaking in tomato paste. Disappointing.

I always substitute plain Greek yogurt for sour cream because it’s SOMUCH healthier!

What is your favorite healthy alternative?

Here’s my Ash Wednesday run pic:


Team Jesus.

While I’m not Catholic, I am Christian, and I like the idea of fasting from something for these next 40 days, and I usually pick something that is a distraction from things that are important to me. So, I’m off the Book of Face until April 1st, so if you follow me only on FB, you’ll have to come directly to the source for the next forty.

BTW, I didn’t see anyone else on the trails with ashes on their foreheads. Is that weird?

And, finally, a day ahead of schedule, happy birthday to my favorite person:


Throwing spray on a Fat Tuesday swell.

To no bad days! I love you!