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Ran 5.25 miles through the trails of Wildwood/ 44.30 min. (with lots of picture taking)

I’m kinda digging these trail runs! I sound all cool saying that, don’t I? They’re much more challenging than my spacecase road runs, and they’re a lot more quiet and beautiful.


Face-palm for running PAST these trails for the three years I’ve lived in my neighborhood!


Working on my mule skills so I can sure-foot my way up the more rugged parts.


Lonesome runner.

Seriously. Wildwood was the place to be this morning for all hand-holding couples young and old! I was even stopped by a cute couple looking for the waterfall, and the guy had a baguette in his backpack. Heartmelt.

I hate Valentine’s Day. In a major way.

But I’ll use anything as an excuse to dress up:


Little do they know I’m the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day.

And it gives me an excuse to go out to lunch with my mom and Larry David in Malibu:


Blondie fits right in with the Malibu crowd. She’s a little aloof, a lot blonde, and not afraid to rock an eclectic style.

No joke, Larry David was sitting behind us. Good eye, Mom!

This is why I hate V-day:


Valentine’s Day is a lot of work for preschool parents!

At least we had some good single malt scotch to help us work through the process. 


Happy Valentine’s Day. Really. I mean it.

I really think it’s the most ridiculous holiday. Except for the chocolate part.


2 lbs. The bottom half is all butterscotch squares (the grainy, brown sugary, milk chocolate-covered goodness). I surrender.

I’ve heard these things self-destruct by the weekend, so I better get crackin’!

V-Day is also the husband’s birthday. I got him some fancy whiskey and a rare beer treat.  Last week, I overheard the beer guy in Total Wine talking to another guy about a beer that was due to come in this week, but customers would only be permitted to buy one bottle. Yesterday, I went in there acting like I knew what I was talking about to pick up a bottle of this little secret for the man of our house.


Beer nerd heaven.

The people at Wine Club actually keep it in a refrigerated vault that is only accessible with a key. I was told this is a very limited edition Sierra Nevada brew that warrants a purchasing limit of one per customer. So if you have a man or woman who loves him or her some beer, go get some before all 400 bottles are sold out.

So here’s to the best husband on Earth. Happy birthday, babe!


How does it feel to be a king? =)

What did you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?