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Lots of hobbling around.

Hip flexor injuries are terrible.

4-6 weeks of no running? I’m really not into that, but I am really into BQing in May. So I guess I’ll be resting. And letting my SIL work her magic.

It’s gotten so bad that when the husband said he wasn’t going to run yesterday, I put on my crazyface and snapped, “HOW CAN YOU NOT GO FOR A RUN?!?! DO YOU HAVE TWO LEGS? YES? THEN YOU SHOULD GO FOR A RUN! AND YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!”

He’s a good man for putting up with my nonsense. Husband of the year, for sure.

I’ve been trying to improve my channel changing skills attitude while I’ve been out for the count, but it’s been a challenge, and hurling curse words at every runner in my neighborhood (in my head… I have kids, people!) doesn’t help.

Since I have more time on my hands, this place has turned into Casa Hot Chocolate Runner Restaurante:


A gift of thanksgiving to my neighborfriend. Any neighbor who willingly watches the Sunshine is a friendforlife!


Blondie was hired as sous chef.


Kale has nothing on the Vitamix.




Want your kids to eat more greens? Get a Vitamix.


Roasted cauliflower soup, pre-Vitamix.


The Vitamix strikes again! This is a vegetarian wondersoup!

Don’t go and think I’m all healthy eating now. There’s still a lot of this going on:

Giant Scotchmallow heart soothes the soul.

Giant Scotchmallow heart soothes the soul.

Honing my Scrabble skills has taken the place of honing my speed skills.


Have you had this stuff yet?

It’s Kirkland’s 2011 California Chardonnay in the 1.5L bottle, and it’s seriously the most amazing chard for the buck. I was first introduced to it by a little old man at the market a while back, and we only recently opened it to pair with the cauliflower soup. For the price? Perfection.

Costco love, right here. That place can seriously do no wrong.


Even when I have dreams of blondie being forced (by me) to do that!

I’ve also been having dreams of meeting the host of my SUPERFAVORITE news program, Rock Center with (swoon) Brian Williams.

I have no words to express my love for BW. His words and construction of stories are unreal. He even makes appearances on my other favorite show, The Soup.

Rawr... with Brian Williams.

Rawr… with Brian Williams.

Did you see that episode? Because, holy cow. I peed my pants a little.

Don’t judge. It’s what happens after you have kids.

What do you do when you can’t do your most favoritest activity?

My family rocks because they sympathy-lay-around.