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None. Just some push ups, some sun salutations, and some chasing my kids around.

Not running or walking is miserable.

I’m optimistic, though. I can finally walk (slowly) and move my leg around with less pain in my hip flexor than last week, so I must be healing.

My SIL gave me some chiro adjustments last week before jetting off to New Zealand (travel envy!), and they seemed to help my body figure out that it’s okay to heal. Tomorrow, I’m going to see a physical therapist for athletes recommended to me by Veronique.

Part I of my injury was rest and wine whine.

V and her hubby know a thing or two about a good PT (she’s my running partner, he’s a tennis pro), and they swear by the guy I’m going to see tomorrow, so my fingers and toes are crossed that he can make some magic happen. Anyone who has worked with the Chargers and the Padres must know a thing or two, right?

I wasn’t going to see a doctor, but I’ve read that PTs can help speed recovery. Since I’ve now missed out on two long runs and almost two weeks of mary training, I am anxious to get back into it.

I mean, I can’t BQ if I don’t get better, right?

Trying to un-invite sad sack thoughts. 

Since my derriere has been working on its relationship with the couch, I can only throw out a couple pictures of what I’ve been doing these past few days.


Sunshine and Colada have been practicing their synchronized diving routine while the one-eyed Shih Tzu coaches from her lounge.


Salt + caramel + chocolate = party in my mouth.


I made this. Like, all by myself. And it tasted REALLY good!

I’m the queen of going to the farmer’s market and buying all kinds of stuff I know are good for me and then not using them.

Soooooo, I thought that since I can’t eat anything I want anymore since I’m not running, it’d be a good time to see how easy it is to incorporate veggies into all meals!

Here, I tore spinach from last week’s farmer’s market into small pieces and scrambled two whole eggs and two egg whites with them, sprinkled covered it with feta (it poured out from the Costco shaker thing… woops!), and sliced an avocado half on top. Delish. 

And I didn’t even use the Vitamix!

What are your easy veggie recipes?

I really like roasting veggies. Easy peezy.