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Today, I met my most favorite man (besides the hubs, obvi) on earth. He goes by the name of Larry Brown, and he is the owner of Coast Physical Therapy in my home away from home, Oxnard.

I hadn’t planned on seeing a doctor or a PT for my injury since my last experience with Kaiser left my wallet feeling empty and the help a little too unhelpful, but after hearing me whine for two weeks, my best running girlfriend Veronique offered to call up Larry to see about getting me in. Done deal.

He was able to diagnose me and stretch me and ice the bejeezus out of me, but more than anything, he gave me hope that some day, sooner rather than later, I’ll be better!


He uses the weighted ice pack, I use wine to numb the pain. Kidding.

Larry was super nice and extraordinarily knowledgeable, and he didn’t talk to me like I was a dumbface. The takeaway from today’s visit is that as soon as you start to feel pain after running, you need to get a pack of ice on it immediately!!!


I guess you know a thing or two about icing when you do things like win gold medals while preggo.

I should have known better.

Next time.

Until then, I will be going back to the PT until I am recovered. I might (fingers, toes, and everything else crossed) even be able to start running next week. Send up a prayer for me if you think about it.

Because I have no running news, I’ll bring you some chocolate news. 

I’m watching this beast and her Shihter (Pronounced sheeter. It’s a word. For sure.) sister for my mom:


A peeved Sunshine and a snuggly Colada.

When my mom came over last night to bring her most prized one-eyed possession and her lab patty their special dietary needs (one has three teeth, the other has an allergy to everything known to mankind), she also brought me a bag of themostincrediblethingsever.


I may not have washboard abs, but I most certainly have a washboard forehead.

Yep, you can scrub mud out of your socks on that thing.

The candy, though, is a Godiva salted milk chocolate-covered caramel bar. Hole-E-Toledo. 


What’s the tastiest treat you’ve had this week?

Mine’s the salty caramel bar.

Where is your favorite place to ice?

Lounging on the couch watching “The Soup.”