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Weed pulling, stretching, and icing

I’m completely, 100-million% dedicated to rehabbing my adductor, so I’ve done the light stretching and icing that my PT recommended three times today!

Don’t think I’m not bitter, though. I still curse under my breath whenever I see someone else running.

After the bag of glitter and butterflies my new PT gave me yesterday, I’m destined for good health. At some point.

At least I’m ambulatory. If I wasn’t, this might be about me:


Courtesy of The Acorn, my local paper.

Someone was having a bad day.

Today was a perfect day, though. It started with some cross-training:


Real men wear Crocs.

I don’t know what’s worse. The yard or his footwear? He takes his fashion cues from these girls:


Ladies who lunch.

This was the first day in a long time that the husband and I have both had off, so we lived it up and did some weeding, some gymnastics-watching, and some lunching at Jinky’s Cafe in Agoura, where I ordered my favorite iced green tea and quinoa salad:




The most special part of my day was spending it with this guy:


This man loves his seared ahi.

And, for my daily dose of chocolate, thank goodness Tarzhay has already stockpiled its shelves with Easter candy!