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5.5 slow and steady miles on the TM

My new favorite thing to do while running jogging slowly on the ‘mill in my classy home gym is to watch TV on my iPad. Today’s choice was Duck Dynasty. The takeaway from the first episode was from Willie: “You ain’t a redneck unless you off the road.”

Well, I'm off the road. I guess that makes me a redneck. You better redneckognize!

Well, I’m off the road. I guess that makes me a redneck. You better redneckognize!

Sticking my left elbow out helps me keep my balance when I’m multitasking. True story.

I’ve been away from blogging this past week because it’s the end of the quarter (tons o’ grading), I’ve been a sad-sack injured non-runner (womp, womp), and I was stressing about blondie’s dental surgery (it went well, praise Jesus! Did you know little ones are anesthetized for cavity fills???). I guess I’ll have to stop feeding her cheesy puffs and orange soda.

Kidding. The dentist assured us that it was blondie’s tooth structure rather than a diet heavy in sugar and lacking in tooth-brushing that did her in.

It was actually terrifying, knowing that my kid was going to be put out. Thankfully, my husband is a medic and gave the nurse anesthetist the third degree before the procedure, and now I’m pretty sure he’s banned from the office. If you need a great pediatric dentist in the Conejo Valley, though, call up Dr. Bar Zion. She’s pretty more than great.

In other news, my favorite physical therapist has been working his magic on my trick knee, and I’ve gotten in a few super slow TM runs lately followed by lots and lots of stretching and icing. Luckily, my personal cheering squad accompanies me to my appointments:


Thing #1 and Thing #2 doing their thing. With the ipad and coloring, of course.

I really feel like Larry Brown, my PT, really understands what it’s like to be a mathlete an athlete, and he is working hard to get me where I want to be. Slowly.

I was able to take the girlies for a walk this week for the first time in about three weeks:


That’s how the Yorkie rolls. The whole 3.5 miles, barring any squirrel or bunny sightings.

I also took the human girls on a Tour de Costco:


Which child has more will power? Hint: blondie’s chocolate was already melted in her mouth.

The head honchos over at the ‘co must have known I was coming.


Who needs tilapia samples when this is around the corner?

Here were the deals of the day:


Practically a five-finger discount!

I found out about this deal on SkinnyRunner’s blog, and I wasn’t planning on buying them until I made the trek out to Westlake to see them for myself. Ten bucks for a shirt that looks similar to the Zella or Lulu shirts? You’vegottobekiddingme.

I picked up one in the dark gray, the purplish color, and the turquoise. The coral was pretty, but I’m a tomatoface, so I try to stay away from reddish colors. They’re perfect for barre, walks, and running (ran in it today).


Cute, no? The shirt, not the Hot Chocolate Runner.

Yes, I suffer from tierrabrow.

It’s a medical condition. I asked my PT.

Just like chocoholism.

What was the last steal you purchased?

Kirkland running tops

What’s your favorite non-Kardashian/Housewives reality show?

Project Runway. But Duck Dynasty is pretty darn hilarious.