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5 miles on the TM, slow and getting back into it from 9:15-8:57 pace

75 min. barre class at M6 


5 miles on the TM, starting at 9:22 and ended at 9:05 pace

3.64 mi. walk around the ‘hood with the girls, the husband, and the double Bob

This is a good start, because the past four weeks have looked a little something like this:

I’m desperate to get back into racing form, and I am also a little scared. I have the Great Race on the 23rd, where I’m slated to run the Cheseboro Half with the husband, the greatest cousin on earth, and my best running friend. It’s hard and hilly, so I’m guessing I’ll be lucky to break 2 hours in my condition.

I hate failing, and I feel like that race will be a bit of a failure, but my main goal right now is to be ready for the Mountains 2 Beach in May. I’m not sure my BQ is going to be a reality at this point, but at least I have made improvements from three weeks ago, and I was reminded of how quickly those crazy barre classes can get me into shape.

Fingers crossed. And eyes on the prize.

I’m not the only athlete in this family, though. The highlight of my weekend involved my kid’s first gymnastics show:


Her first medal!

Unfortunately, the superklutz gene was passed down from me to this girl, so she’s in gymnastics to help her with her coordination. I heard it from my athletic director, but here’s some info from a legitimate source:


Participating in gymnastics can teach a child self discipline, self confidence and teamwork in addition to building their coordination and physique. Children in gymnastics learn to recognize a goal and then follow through with the practice and determination to bring that goal to fruition.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/341971-are-gymnastics-good-for-kids/#ixzz2NO5P9QVU

Also at the trick show was this guy, trying to button the same button on his shirt for 20 minutes:


It’s a good thing I didn’t crack a Dude joke.

This was Mr. Nolte in his infamous mugshot of ’02:


It always makes me happy when people are able to turn their lives around for the better! Who doesn’t want to look like The Dude?!?!

I did feel a little creepy taking the picture, though. I don’t know how the paps do it.


How blondie and I roll when we spot a celeb. She’s in the blue.

Other than getting back into the routine of working out (SUPER HARD!!! More on that, later.), there was a whole lot of lazy dog action this past weekend, courtesy of everyone’s favorite redhead:


If you name your dog a human name, he/she will automatically default to human-like behavior. It’s a fact. Look it up.

The Sunshine can’t get enough lounging, apparently. She dominates the outside couch just like this dog dominates the… table???


Don’t ask why the blanket is on the coffee table. This is what happens when you have kids. And dogs.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Road Runner’s Ladies’ Night with my best running friend Veronique. If you see me there, be sure to say hi!

Who is the last celeb you saw?

Mine was Nick Nolte.

What is the hardest part about coming back from an injury?

I’m not sure. The ego destruction? The physical part? The nutrition part?