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7.25 miles on the TM at an 8:45 pace, incline 1

At Coast PT:

4 sets of 20 one-legged leg presses on a 6 band (whatever that means!)

5 sets of 20 bouncy squat jumps on the leg press machine on a 6 band

I did the craziest thing today. I woke up at 6:15 on a non-work day and ran before the sun was even up!


Beautiful sunrise for a garage homegym run!

This is no joke, people. And the best part?


Live streaming news!!!

NBC LA live streams their local news in the morning!!! This is so super exciting to me because I am a news junkie and can watch the same stories over and over again for the two hours it will take for me to do my long runs on the TM! SAVED!

Oh, and the other thing? My run was done by the time the girls were up.


I’ve been slowly increasing my mileage and my pace since the big injury, and while I’m not at all confident that I will set any land speed records PRs at The Great Race next sabado gigante, my legs will feel good.

An added bonus will be my new-to-me Garmin.

As fate would have it, my Garmin went kaput the same day my leg went out on me.


Goodbye, old friend.

It was an issue with the menu button not working, and so I ponied up the $89 it costs for Garmin to send out a refurbished one. I was a lot little annoyed that my GPS worked only for a little over the year, and Garmin wouldn’t cut me some slack, but whatevs. I now have a working 210.  Just in time for my refurbished leg to arrive!

What kind of GPS do you use?

The other evening, my running girlfriend and I went to Road Runner Sports’ Ladies Night Out in Newbury Park. I’ll write about this tomorrow, but the big news of the night was that she won a free entry to the Love Run 10/5K in Westlake on June 2!!! So, by default, I’m going to do it, too, pushing the double-Bob filled to capacity.

It’s the weekend after my first full, so I’m just going to enjoy a fun local race that supports a great cause, Senior Concerns. Prices increase tomorrow, so sign up now!



In other local race news, it seems as though the Conejo Valley might be the place to race, because organizers of four area halfs are sponsoring what is being called the Gold Coast Race Series (no website yet).

You race 3 out of the 4 races:

The 4 Races In The Series

*Both the Pacific and Chesebro half marathons will count towards your requirement.

And you get a fancy jacket and bragging rights. V and I are already doing the Cheseboro Half as part of The Great Race as well as the Santa to the Sea. Which other one should we do?

To kick of the series, The Gold Coast Race Series is offering a coupon code for The Great Race next Saturday!

Amazing Gold Coast Race Series Kick-Off Deal:  
Take $20 off the Pacific Half Marathon or Chesebro Half Marathon with coupon code: GOGOLD. Your entry qualifies you to be a charter member of the Gold Coast Race Series.
Hurry, coupon expires at 11:59 p.m. on March 17, 2013.

So, what do you say? Are you in? Or are you IN?!?!?!


And finally, the picture of the day comes from my kitchen to you. This is what happens when you feed your kids green smoothies.