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I think it’s important to let you know that I ran this morning and still haven’t showered. And I’m going to a barre class at 6:30.

Classy, huh?

At least I can honestly say I didn’t do this:

But, really? Who doesn’t want to save a little water?

Last Wednesday, my best running girlfriend V and I went to Ladies’ Night at Road Runner, our local running store, in Thousand Oaks, where there were tons of give-aways, including a chance to win an entry into the Nike Women’s Half and Full Marathon up in San Fran, for which one apparently needs to sell a part of his/her soul to get a bib. Three years, I’ve applied, and three years… well, I NEEDED TO WIN!!!

I mean, COME ON!


Firefighters? In tuxedos? Handing out Tiffany finishers’ necklaces?!?!?!

It was worth a shot, no?

Check in was easy:


Ladies getting their Night on.

And V and I got our shop on:


Yup. That’s a post-run, pre-shower hat I’m wearing.

How could you tell?

Saucony and Asics were there, competing for Best in Show:



And the winner was:


Playing for keeps.

I forgot to ask what her average mile pace is for a 5K. Blogger fail.

Veronique won a race entry to the Love Run in June:



I ate some tacos:


Crazyface strikes again!

Lots of fellow runners came:


Road Runner head guy, workin’ the mic.

And I bought lots of stuff:


Four boxes of shoes, three variations of chocolate Gus, a small box of candy cane Gu, and both Fluid hydration and recovery mixes.

That’s what happens when I get 20% off!!

There was also some super cute RRS gear that I almost bought. Maybe next time.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood running store?

Road Runner in Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks

How often do you buy new running shoes?

Whenever I have a 20-25% off coupon/ every 3-4 months. I need to keep better track of miles.