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Action recap:

Saturday: 6 mi. TM run on incline 1 @ 8:45ish-8:28 pace; 3.60 mi. dog and double-Bob walk

Sunday: 10 mi. TM run on incline 1 @ 8:34-8:02ish pace

Monday: 5.16 mi. slow, hilly Wildwood run/ 42:45 min. (first road run since the inj)

Tuesday: 5:12 mi. slower, hilly, hot, and humid Wildwood run/ 44:40 min. (so hot and hurting!); 75 min. barre class at M6 

I lied to my PT.

I’m not 100% yet. And I agreed to go two days on, one off. And I told him I wouldn’t run yesterday. Or hills. And now I’m left hurting in places that didn’t hurt before. Like my jank knee.

I thought I told him I like my margs on the rocks, not my knee!

I told him I like my margs on the rocks, not my knee!

Fortunately, I took Michelle’s craycray barre class at M6 to make my hurt so bad, hurt so good! I almost saw the light last night. No joke.

My husband gave me the go-ahead on this look.

My husband gave me the go-ahead on this look.

How many times have you worn compression tights, compression socks, AND running socks to barre? Or in life?

That’s what I thought.

Today is a rest day, so I took the girls for a walk around the ‘hood to keep the blood moving.

Rollin' with my homies.

Rollin’ with my homies.

In preparation for the Cheseboro Half this weekend at The Great Race, I thought I’d write some tips on trail racing etiquette. I’m excited to run this race for the second year in a row, despite my injury, because it’s such a stinking beautiful course. But trail racing is different from road, and to feel more comfortable on the trail last year, I read this article from Competitor.

Here are some tips to keep in mind any day you hit the dirt:

1. Yield to anything slower than you. Especially horses. Nobody wants a hoof in the face. Or an angry grandma.

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2. Stay on the trail. Did Wylie Coyote tromp on your home? No. I didn’t think so. Respect the critters around you by staying on the trail.

3. Leave your footprints. And maybe spit. But mostly, footprints. Your used gel packs? That water bottle you sucked down? The empty box of donuts used to fuel your climb? Yeah, it’s got to make its way back with you.

4. Stay on the right; pass on the left. A simple “On your left” is good, too.

5. Leave your music at home. There’s something so peaceful about hearing the sounds of breathing and footsteps on a dirt trail. Don’t wreck it by blasting “Eye of the Tiger” on your ipod! Be like these gents:

The pride and joy of our family.

The pride and joy of our family.

I’m excited to race this weekend, even though it’s going to be slow. Watching the LA Marathon last weekend on the tube stoked my fire.


I kinda want to do it next year. If my trick knee will hold up, that is.

Are you running this weekend?

I’m running in The Great Race. I bet my race pics will be less awkward than this:

Perfect form, Sunshine!

Perfect form, Sunshine!

What’s your favorite pre-race breakfast?

I like to wake up early and have an almond milk latte. It helps get things moving. IfyouknowwhatImean.