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(Yesterday) 6.25 mi. on the TM/ 52 min.

(Today) Rest

I’m taking today off because I am still feeling pain and stiffness in my adductor, despite icing and stretching like cray. I want to be as pain free as possible for tomorrow’s (mostly) trail race with the husband and the most awesome cousin. When you’re injured, it’s super important to listen to your body (rather ignoring it, like I did), and what’s working for me right now is a day off after runs if I want to be pain freeish. It’s not going to kill me to add a rest day.

It would kill me to go a day without chocolate, though.

Currently fueling on these:

Better safe than sorry.

Just like with my kids, I can’t choose a favorite.

Yesterday was packet pick-up for The Great Race of Agoura. The girls and I went just a little before 3, and it was pretty empty:

The great used shoe sale.

The great used shoe sale.

It was underwhelming, and that’s a good thing when you have your two kiddos. I usually never buy anything at expos because I’m a cheapskate, but I met the fairy godmother of homemade frozen treats who changed my life.


Have you ever heard of a Yonanas machine? I hadn’t either, until yesterday. It smashes up frozen fruit (or frozen anything, from what I gather) and turns it into soft serve! How brilliant is that?!?!

Of course, I had to buy one. It only cost $40 for the bonus pack at the expo (a steal!), and you can find a similar one here.

Blondie doing what Blondie does best.

Blondie doing what Blondie does best.

The girls argued over who got to hold it on the way home. THAT is how excited they were to get one! I strapped it in next to me after it called “shotgun” on the way out.

Here’s the loot I walked away with:


The swag bag itself was cute, a reusable backpack style sack that the girls have commandeered to haul sea shells to and fro. The tech tees were more t-shirt looking than tech looking (awesome!), but long sleeved is the way to go for race shirts, in my opinion. Also included was a bag of salsa chips (great tasting, bad pre-run snack), a trial sized sunscreen, and a single serving of rice, which I had never seen before.

After we got home, the girls went down for a nap, and I hit up my old friend for a run:

Thumbs up for the run? Or the cases of wine on the floor?

Thumbs up for the run? Or the cases of wine on the floor?

Always keeping it classy.

In advance, I must thank my mom for watching my girls tonight. Without the support of her, I wouldn’t able to do what I love, so, thanks, mom.

Blondie promised to be on her best behavior.

Blondie promised to be on her best behavior.

When is your next race? Where?

The Great Race tomorrow!

What do you do after a race? Leave right away? Hang out? Collect swag?

I’m all about the free stuff. Especially when it’s bars my kids will eat.