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.75 mi. sprint to the start line

13.1 mi. Cheseboro Half/ 1:54:01

1 mi. jog post-finish where I saw my running mentor cheering on her husband! She’s so amazing, btw.


Racing with family = The most fantastic day ever!

I attribute 90% of the successful finish of today’s race to this:



One of my students made it for me yesterday. The first one is me with magic because “you need some kind of magic to run for that long.” The second one is me stretching, so “I don’t forget to take care of my injury.” The third one is me running. Because that’s what I do. Seriously, how insightful is it for her to know that magic is a part of racing?!?!?!

I was super nervous about this race, mostly because I didn’t know how my adductor-in-recovery and my jank knee would hold up, so I didn’t really have high expectations. I should be happy to have finished. At the same time, this is my slowest half-marathon, and I have mixed feelings about it.

I will say, though, that this was a bizarre day where if I wasn’t so pumped to be racing again, I probably would have had a mental breakdown. Here’s why:

1. I woke up to the first day of my period. (Sorry, dudes.) This is typically a curl-up-on-the-couch-with-a-one-pound-box-of-See’s day.

2. I usually buy something new for a race, but since I didn’t, I was completely indecisive about what I was going to wear (re: I didn’t have everything laid out the night before as usual). I ended up with this:


3. The husband and I were late getting there. As in, we had to park 3/4 of a mile away with two minutes ’til start, and sprint to the starting line. Uphill. And upstream. The race started at the top, and we were still at the bottom of the hill. At least I got to see my superamazing cousin run by! PR city, btw!

4. The Garmin failed. For some reason, it was looking for a heart rate monitor and never ever for the whole race synched with the satellites. Even after five reboots. This was all I saw:


5. My shoelaces came undone at what I think was between mile 4 and 5. This never happens. Ever. Until today. 

6. You know those zipper pockets in the Lululemon skirts? Well, it turns out that putting the iPhone in it was a recipe for chaffage and bruising. At least for a 13-miler. Lesson learned.

All-in-all, I think the ridiculousness of today worked in my favor. I didn’t push the pace because of my injury, which would have probably been more difficult not to do had I been able to see my pace on my Garmin. I know that seeing such a slow pace would have mentally destroyed my game. Instead, I saved my legs.

I’ll have a complete race review up later this week, but in the meantime, here’s a pic of PR City and I loving the post-race goodies:


This is what I call the Awkward, Mouth Full of Bread face. Complete with a side of washboard abs forehead.


Who runs a PR at the Cheseboro Half?!?!?! Well done, girlfriend!

Enjoy your weekend!