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75 min. barre class at M6

8.11 mi. hothothot run around town/ 1:03:52


6.24 mi. half-hearted run through the hills/ 44.02 min.


Rest. Not because I want to, but because my jank knee is doing tricks again.

There really is no better way to begin a morning than with a workout. In barre Wednesday, I was reminded of how killer those small ballet moves can be. I also learned that after having two kids (yes, blondie is two years old. don’t judge!), my abs have ceased to exist. I’m working on that.

The race last weekend and Wednesday’s run were both huge confidence boosters. Coming off almost six weeks of nonexistent or easy running because of my injury, both completing the distance of the half and running 8 miles at a faster but easyish pace than what I’d been logging (I think it averaged around 7:51) helped to get my head back in the game again.

This was the wrong outfit choice for a hot eight-miler.

This was the wrong outfit choice for a hot eight-miler.

But really, when are capri tights and compression socks a right choice?

In reading about qualifying for next year’s Boston marathon, I read somewhere that Boston is not a privilege, but the end result of a lot of hard work. That’s so true. The pace that I will be required to run to qualify is not supposed to come easily, and I’m in for the hard work.

Wednesday was the first day in three days that my husband was home, so after my PT appointment, we went to the new REI in Oxnard to check out the goods and to spend our dividend check.


Can I get those door handles in my house?

Can I get those door handles for my house?

I could spend all day at REI. I have been on an Idon’twanttospendanymoneyonanythingatallunlessit’syogurtland kick lately, so we thoughtfully put our dividend check to good use. For when we take the girls out SUPing:

Patagonia hats that float!

Fashion skills.

In Easter news, while my mini-me was at gymnastics the other day, I took blondie to Target to stock up on Easter treats.

A blonde and some chocolate.

A blonde and some chocolate.

We also went to the free egg hunt at The Lakes where blondie found her new BFF:



Hunting for eggs was exhausting, so the husband treated us to dinner at one of my favorite dinner spots:

Umami love.

Umami love.

I always get the same thing: the Truffle Burger made with portobello caps instead of meat to make it veggie-friendly.

Truffle cheese ooze + bellos = happiness.

Truffle cheese ooze + bellos = happiness.

Well, tomorrow is my first long run ever. I’m supposed to run16/17 miles on Sunday, but the husband is working that day, and I’d rather stab myself in the eye than run a full 16/17 miles on the TM. So, tomorrow it is.

What’s your current favorite froyo flavor?

Tiramisu. At Yogurtland. Holycow.

Do you know of any veggie burger joints that completely kill it?

I like The Counter’s veggie burger, and the bello cap option at Umami is pretty tasty.

What is your favorite Easter candy?

Hands down, See’s Scotchmallow eggs. Followed by the Cadbury candy-coated chocolate mini-eggs blondie is holding in the picture.