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17.19 miles total (12 on the bloody TM /1:42:xx and 5.19 through the hills of my ‘hood/44:01)

I did it. 

I completed my first long run ever. I still have two legs, I still want to run more, and I felt good about it.

Here’s how my morning went:

I set my alarm for 5am, but proceeded to hit SNOOZE three times. It’s the weekend, yo! And I just began spring break!

I set my workstation up, planning on running two 6-mile legs (the TM resets itself at 60 minutes) before the husband came home and I could hit the road.


I chose to begin on an empty stomach. I would not recommend this at all, but I read here that running the shorter long runs in a glycogen-depleted state can help train the body to more efficiently use fat stores for energy, something that is important for that last 10K of the full marathon.

I guess I was trying to torture myself because I also didn’t use any music/ipad TV for the first 10K either. But when that sixth mile came around, I was more than happy to suck down this:


Don’t cringe. It’s actually one of my new favorite flavors!

And take a picture of the sunrise.


Marine layer = muggy sweatfest in the home gym.

And turn the NBC-LA news on my iPad. I learned that ham is terrible for dogs and will cause them to go into kidney failure. Did you know that?

After the next 10K, I took my second gel, changed my sports bra and top, and hit the road. There are differing opinions about the pace of a long run, but my empty stomach-start made for a conservative pace throughout. Overall, it was a steady, relaxed pace during which I could have had a conversation with a running partner (any takers?). Next week’s long run will be different.

17 miles was the longest I’ve ever run in my entire life.



The best part is that I got my run out of the way so I could spend the entire day lounging outside, eating tiramisu Yogurtland. With supervision, of course.


She’s got dibs on licking the cup!


For Easter tomorrow, I’m going over to my sister’s house for brunch! Last night was her egg dyeing and wine party:



I threatened to take home a baby:


No makeup? No problem.

And our favorite Mexican pup threatened blondie:


Damelo, mija!

He eats ghost peppers, people. He’s not one to mess with. Especially when it comes to hard boiled eggs.

What are your plans for Easter? Church? Egg hunt? Baskets?

Are you going to fit a workout or a run in tomorrow? How long?

I switched my training days around this week, so I’m going to be up early again to knock back 8 before taking the girlsies to church.