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75 min. killer barre class at M6

5.01 mi. windy, hilly run/ 40:34 min.

Why is it that I can easily run a 1:17 10-miler without losing my breathe, but I just about die every time I take one of Michelle’s classes?!?!

2.54% of my problem this morning was that I forgot to have breakfast. I realized it only after I reached out for the barre and saw my hand shaking from the cappuccino I had made for myself before the girlsies woke up. But I’m pretty positive that even breakfast wouldn’t have helped me. 97.46% of my problem is that those classes are so dang hard!

Eyes on the prize, over here.


Post barre glamour shot.

My best runningfriend Veronique did double-duty today with a crazy cross fit-type class followed by barre love. She’s a champ, fo’ sho’!

In the new April schedule, Michelle added a Hip Hop class on Wednesday night. I’m thinking of trying it out. I mean, I have ZERO coordination (and everything is slightly more confusing once we start doing things that involve the left side of our bodies), but I feel like it might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Anyone want to join me?

Because sometimes…

As for my run, I wasn’t going to go (again), but the husband made his mountain bike ride super fast just because he thought I wanted to get a run in on actual road. (Got to get the workout in during nap time). How sweet is that? So I felt obligated to go.

It turned out to be a pretty decent run. Neither my adductor injury nor my jankknee bothered me too much, and I was able to keep the second half of my run under 7:50 min. miles. I focused on my form today, which may or may not be the reason why I felt solid. I also ate a lot of chocolate today, so… who really knows?

Maybe if Ruby Sunshine worked on her form, she’d be able to swim for the tennis ball better:


Retriever fail.

In other news, some of you may remember when my husband bought me a new spa heater for my 30th birthday. As in, he loves the spa, and the heater was broken, so he bought me a new one for the big 3-0. Let’s just say that it didn’t exactly go over well. Dudes, if you are looking for a gift for your lady, DO NOT GET HER ANY TYPE OF APPLIANCE!!!

At least we can joke about it now. Kinda.

For my 31st, he had a Cooperfish shaped for me, and it finally arrived!!!



Gene Cooper was a FF with my husband’s dad, and he used to put a board up for raffle every year at the beach party the FFs threw down in San O every spring. I never won, and I often thought of going all Holy Grail on the winner.

His boards are real works of art. Mine is a 9’2” Foil 2. Perfect for noseriding.


Well done, husband. Well done.

Since the husband has been working a ton and is only home for today before he begins another 48, we spent a lot of time just hanging out today, doing things like watching the clouds move across the sky:


Why is everything exponentially more fantastic with this blonde???

And going to the park:


But as much as I love him and appreciate his hard work, I won’t–I repeat–WON’T be sharing these with him:


Some things are sacred. Especially salted chocolate-caramel bars and giant pb eggs.

What’s the worst gift your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend ever gave you?

Have you ever taken a dance class? Got any advice for a non-dancer?

What’s your favorite Easter treat?