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8.05 hot and hard miles/ 1:05:32

3.64 miles walked with this potential train wreck:

I swear she's not flipping anyone off.

I swear she’s not flipping anyone off.


That’s four furry girls and two human girls. The one-eyed shih tzu was left at home because she’s a bit unpredictable.

After yesterday’s barre torturefest, my legs were feeling pretty fatigued today. I had to get my miles in while the girls were at preschool in order to avoid the ol’ TM, and that put me at a late start time of about 9:45. I brought my handheld full of ice water because I didn’t want to have to make pit stops at strangers’ homes along the way to ask for a sip of some H2O. That would be awkward.

The run was eh, but it’s done and over with.

I didn’t have time to make breakfast and stretch and shower after my run, so I mixed my Fluid Recovery for a post-recovery beverage.


I had to sneak my two favorite appliances in the picture: the Nespresso and the Vitamix.

Fluid Recovery comes in a tropical, a berry, and (my favorite!) a chocolate flavor. I’ve had it with cold water, and it isn’t that bad (Chocolate has scientifically been shown to make everything taste better. That’s a fact. From my taste kitchen.), but it tastes amazing with almond milk.

After I picked the ladies up from school, we headed over to the motherland to grab some supplies and gifts for a baby shower I’m throwing for my mini me’s preschool teacher on Thursday.


I’m not very good at being crafty, but if Snoop Dogg can bake brownies with Martha Stewart, and if I can (attempt to) “Drop it like it’s Hot” at Michelle’s hip hop class tomorrow, then I can certainly bring this full circle and create something that M-Stew herself might be consider Pin-worthy.

That’s right.

This is how we drop it like it's hot.

This is how we drop it like it’s hot.

How domestic of me, no?

What does one wear to a hip hop class?

What is the coolest craft project you’ve ever done?