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I don’t know where to begin this post except to say that my life has been completely taken over by animals. And I’m losing my mind a little bit. 

It might have something to do with this:



Ruth Colada (my Mom’s labacus) insists on sleeping RIGHTNEXTTOME. As in, the husband has been at work for the past two days, and even if I was okay with her sleeping on the bed with me (which I’m not because she’s a creeper (see photo below)), she has the ENTIRE CALIFORNIA KING to use.

But, no. She must sleep borderline on top of me WITH HER HEAD ON MY PILLOW!!!


Until, of course, she wakes up because she’s irritated that I’m tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. That’s some nerve I’ve got, huh?



And the process repeats itself over and over every night. 

No wonder the husband has been picking up shifts!

For the record, this dog is a barrel-chested beast, and she is NOT moved easily when she doesn’t want to be moved.

It’s a good thing she’s a super sensitive lover.


Two days’ worth of five dogs’ hair. I’m going to make this a daily event from now on.

Anyway, my lack of sleep due to the midnight stare-downs is getting to me, and it’s made me super achy and groggy and cranky and not wanting to get my workouts in.

I know. I’m going to suck it up tomorrow.

We had a very busy day today.

After stressing over the potential success or failure of the baby shower I was throwing my kid’s preschool teacher this morning, I felt like it was pretty awesome. The kids AND the teachers had fun, there was minimal clean-up, and only one kid didn’t like the frosting on the SusieCakes mini-cupcakes!

Seriously. There’s a kid out there in this small little world of ours who DOESN’T LIKE SUSIE CAKES FROSTING. This is not a lie. I heard the complaint with my own two ears.

I could not have thrown the party without my most amazing neighborfriend or the husband. At all. I’m seriously the most blessed. THANK YOU FOR HELPING WITH MY CRAZY BABY SHOWER CENTERS!!!

After the baby shower, the husband and I took one kid to gymnastics and the other to Home Depot to stock up on the veggies I forgot to buy last week.


She’s not yelling. She’s just showing you her molars. The only way I can get her to look at the camera these days is to ask to see her teeth.

Here’s a picture from when we picked up sand for the preschool at our local hardware store yesterday:



See? Same thing. It must be her “I’m awesome” face.

Finally, I MAJORLY heart the following foods (the order of favoriteness varies):

1. Chocolate

2. Wine/Espresso

3. Cheese

4. Gelato

5. Super thin crust pizza

So, after I drove by the newest restaurant to open up in the Conejo earlier this week, I insisted that we must try it tonight:


Now, I consider myself a pizza connoisseur. My favorite Conejo pizza pre-Mulberry Street was D’Amores. 

I think I have a new favorite. The crust is chewy, to-die-for goodness that I have never experienced in my entire life. Ever.

Except maybe for a pizza my husband (then boyfriend) and I shared when we were in Anacapri back in the good ol’ college days. That pizza changed my life.

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to New York.

Do you let your fur babies sleep on the bed?

Where is your favorite pizza place?

How do you get out of workout funks?