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7.12 miles on the TM @ incline 1; started out at 8:00, ended at 7:26

75 min. barre class at M6

3.63 mi. walk with five dogs, two girls, and a husband

In the words of Bright Eyes(ish), “This is the first day of my (marathon training) life (part 2).” I set my alarm for 6:30 (still on spring break), and I peeled the dogs off of my legs and quickly googled our local news programs that live stream news past 7 am.

KTLA for the win!


I could seriously watch the weather and news reports all day.

I was quite satisfied with my TM run this morning. Jankknee didn’t hurt (knock on wood!), my attitude didn’t suck (knock on wood!), and I could have ran for a good while, had I not needed to wake the girls up.

My new training goal is to get in 2 workouts a day a couple times a week and to do TONS of stretching. Out of those 2 workouts, 1 has to be killer.

The husband came home this morning, so I met up with Veronique for barre at M6. I can always count on Michelle to go 187 on my current fitness level. Every time.

After barre (and this is why it’s good for me to have a ‘mill in the garage homegym), the day was packed. We tag-teamed our kids at the greatest children’s dentist on earth so that the husband could get home for a new pool salt something-or-other to be installed. Yes, kid #2 had a cavity, too. Sadface for poor dental genes.


My mini me and I agreed that after a trip to the dentist, a trip to Yogurtland was necessary.

But before we made it to Yo’land, we had a backyard camp out:


In a Cars tent, no less.

The girls were scheming ways to keep the lab out of the tent.


“Ruthie, No!!!”

Why is it that labs never understand that they’re NOT little? I’ve tried to explain it to her several times, but she always turns away with the saddest face, and my guilt forces me to go to confession and say a thousand “Hail Marys.”


Not to be out done, M.A., the one-eyed Sheeter forced me to walk her around the ‘hood so she could do her business.


That little thing is a force.

Maybe not as big a force as blondie, though.


At her preschool conference today, I learned that she’s consistent in putting her big personality to use. I also learned some very useful chocolate information. How did I not know that there is a chocolate store on Cal Poly SLO’s campus where the chocolate is handmade using Fair Trade ingredients?!?!?!

Central Coast score! Wine AND chocolate?

Finally, we made it to the motherland.


I apologize for scarring your eyes by not wearing any makeup or giant sunglasses.


I ended up getting creme brulee. Not my favorite.


The toppings were all wrong, but so right. Lucky Charms marshmallows? Yes, please. Always. Sprinkles? No question.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the wind dies down tomorrow so I can get in a decent run while the girls are at preschool. Any takers to join?

I can’t guarantee that my favorite pit stop will be turned right-side up by tomorrow.



My poor little friend Andy. He never saw it coming.

What’s your favorite fro yo flavor?

What are your must-have toppings on fro yo?

Small dogs or little dogs?