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6.41 hot and hilly miles through the ‘hood/ 50:31 min.

3.61 mile walk with 4/5 of the dogs and my human babies/ 53.54 min.

For the five millionth day in a row, I was set to talk myself out of running while the girls were at preschool. It was already warm, my hammies were super sore from yesterday‘s barre class at M6, it was a much needed break where I could use my time super wisely by grading essays and narratives before spring break officially ends brushing up on my tabloid gossip, and there was a whole batch of Easter chocolate that had not yet been touched.


Luckily, my neighborfriend (in all her niceness and positive glory. for serious. I’ve never met anyone nicer) noted that it was such a perfect time for a run.

Indeed, it was. I knew the temps were only going to rise, and if I put off my run ’til naptime, I’d be spending some unnecessary quality time with the ‘mill later on.

So I went, adding a long, steep incline and a gradual, longer descent to my usual hill-filled loop. The benefit of living in my neighborhood is that it’s impossible to avoid climbs. Which means that come mary time, my quads *should* be fully equipped to handle the gradual descent.


No, I don’t use Crisco to shine my forehead.

I need to get better about using sunscreen, though.

I was glad I went. Thanks, neighborfriend, for always being positive and nice. Because it was a nice morning. I was just being a pill.

I came home from my run to this:


Shhhhhhhhh. I’m meditating.

I call laziest lab on earth.


Blonde and Blonder.

*Dear Mom,
While Ruth has been here, she has eaten her requisite half-banana every morning. After her allergy medicine. And her arthritis medicine. Like clockwork.

She really lives the life. Sadly, the sun goes down every day, much to her dismay, so she chooses a new crash pad at night.


Can somebody tell this cavalier that she’s being rude? I’m a guest!

Because my jankknee still insists on causing me issues, I’m still making regular visits to the greatest PT on earth. By the time my treatment was done, I needed to get the girls back for naptime, so he wrapped me up for the car ride home.


If you ever need a good PT, Larry is pretty much the best there is.

Finally, for those of you who were enraptured by the dramatic effects of yesterday’s windstorm, I leave you with this breath of fresh air.


My good friend Andy, my rock, my everything, who has been there for me during my most desperate moments, was turned upright once again. Thank goodness.

**Race discount news: Anybody interested in running the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon (or 5K) in December? I ran it for the first time last year (it’s fast, flat, and festive!), and you can run it, too! Click here to register by 4/11 and enter the code AXSANTASEA to get $5 off!

Are you part of the regular walkers in your ‘hood?

I like knowing who I’m going to see on my morning and evening walks. It’s comforting, and my girls look forward to seeing their furry friends.

Do you still have Easter candy laying around? What are you plans for it?

I still have Valentine’s Day candy!

Do you use a stellar sunscreen that you use during sweaty activities?