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(Today) 9.06 mi. road run/ 1:13:04

(Yesterday) 75 min. KILLER M6 barre class

Let’s begin with yesterday’s barre class. I began taking barre as a cross training/strength and flexibility and core work class to help me better prepare fro May’s Mountains 2 Beach Marathon.

It’s hard, yo. Like, harder than passing up a red velvet cupcake any class I’ve ever done. Not in a bad way, though, because I’m seeing the results. My muscles are MUCH less fatigued after running, but after Michelle’s torture sesh yesterday, my legs were watermelon jello. Because watermelon is the ONLY flavor of Jello.

It didn’t stop my loveliest girlfriend and me from taking another awkward picture.



I’m so lucky to be blessed with friends who have mad clipart skills!

In conclusion, based on a reliable scientific study done by Veronique and me, barre is good for running because it strengthens all parts of your body, even parts you didn’t even know you had, which makes for less fatigued runs.

And, because I’m a sucker for torture, I decided to run 9 miles after my first day back from spring break today. I think I’ll charge up my Garmin and calculate how far I walk during a workday next week. I’m thinking maybe 3 miles?

In honor of being back to work (and feeling a less than plush ride and experiencing the sudden onset of IT band pain from running in my old pair), I busted out a pair of freshies!


Look with your eyes, not with your paws.

I love my Asics Kayano 19s something fierce! I realized that I got them back in October, and while I swore up and down that I’d keep track of my mileage, I didn’t. And here we are, a little more than 5 months later, and I’m all confused as to why my shoes are feeling less than stellar!

While everybody is different, it’s good to change your shoes between 400 and 600 miles. I figure I’m around 500. I’m going to keep track this time. Swear.

In more things I love news, the husband was home yesterday, which meant a family trip to the motherland:



We went there for eggs, almond milk, and beer. Cross my heart.

Three of my favorite things:



My workday bubbly X 3. I take bottles of Perrier to work, drink bottles of Pellegrino at home, and I’m not quite sure what do do with the lime Perrier. It tastes like it needs vodka.



After spending two weeks’ pay at Costco (don’t worry… the husband and kids more than made up for it with their cray sampling habit for lunch), we topped it off with a trip to Yogurtland. 

Sadly, I forgot that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:



Yep! I was clipping coupons when blondie climbed up behind me and gave herself the ol’ five finger discount on my mochi! 

At least I can be proud in knowing that I’m raising ladies who have good taste and know how to get what they want.

How much do you walk at work/home?

What’s the best thing you’ve brought home from Costco lately?

Pretzel chips. Love them.

Do you cross train? What do you do? how often do you do it?