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19.21 miles/ 2:43:34



I ran farther than I’ve ever run before today: 19 miles! I learned a few things along the way.

1. I might want to invest in Body Glide for my arms. Not bad chaffing, but slight discomfort towards the end.

2. I need a visor. Starting in the fog and ending in the bright sun with no sunglasses was no bueno.

3. Don’t eat a massive bean, rice, and cheese burrito with the extra spicy salsa from Three Amigos the night before a long run. Super tasty, but, well… everyone knows the bean song. I’m happy to have run this one alone.

My long runs are scheduled on Sundays, but with a husband who works 24-72 hour shifts (depending on the week), I have to rearrange things so that I don’t spend three hours on the ‘mill.

Honestly, I was afraid of today’s run. I was not confident going into it since I feel like I’ve spent more time nursing running injuries than training lately. I didn’t know if I could finish it.

So, even though I woke up at 5:45, it took me the full hour to get me and my Costco-sized bag of nerves out of the house.

Here’s a breakdown of my run. Warning: this is a super boring post. Proceed with caution.

Before the run: I drank one Starbucks caramel Via with a little half & half and ate a banana. I NEVER eat bananas, but they’re supposed to be good for avoiding muscle cramping. I wore a singlet, capris, and sprayed my toesies with TriSlide.

During the run: (Note: I planned my course so that I’d arrive at a park at around 8.5) I left the house at 7, too late for sure (too much traffic, too much heat). I brought my handheld filled with water and two Gus (Peppermint Stick and Mint Chocolate <- NEW FAVORITE!!!). I didn’t drink much except at random corners where I hit a stoplight. At mile 8.6, I came to the park where I sucked down the Peppermint Gu and some water, refilled my bottle, then headed back out. At mile 13.2, I came to a shaded area and sucked down the Mint Chocolate Gu. Have you ever had the Mint chocolate? SOOOOO tasty! This will FOR SURE be my last Gu during my mary so I can look forward to it the whole time.

End of run: I stretched, took a quick shower, downed some chocolate Fluid Recovery drink made with almond milk, and went to physical therapy. And I high-fived myself for being so awesome.


Check out my form!

Running before PT was the most brilliant decision I’ve made in a while because I was stretched by the master PT and iced to numbness.



The ice worked its magic on my adductor and my ITB to prevent further injury.

After I got home, I was famished, so we ate lunch at the best late afternoon lunch spot: Sabor!



Everyone knows that sweating = lost salt and fluids, so I remedied that with my favorite Sabor Margarita. I call post-Mountains 2 Beach lunch here. What do you say?

The coolest part about Sabor is the size of the margs playground in front:



Finally, today is our last day with our house guests. To prepare for her mother’s return, Mabel Annie requested a makeover. 



I think she was hoping her missing eye would reappear.

Feeling slighted, Ruby Sunshine brought me her tennis ball.



There was only one suspect, and she wasn’t talking.


You guys have got to be kidding me. Clearly, I need my beauty sleep, and now your using me as a pillow? Don’t bother me.

Here’s the final gem from this most lovely day.


Please? Can we go in?

In conclusion, the best Fridays are filled with family, a good run, sunshine, margaritas, Mexican food, puppies, and swimming pools. Here’s to a good weekend!

Do you ice after you run?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Still looking for a good sunscreen for running. Any recommendations?