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(Today) 3.65 mi. walk with five dogs, two kids, and the hubs

(Yesterday) 20.36 miles/ 2:57:44


That was my longest long run ever. WARNING: This is going to be another really boring post.

Yesterday’s run was slower than last week’s 19-miler by a lot, and it’s shaken my confidence. A lot. In fact, I’m pretty much not counting myself in for BQing at  Mountains 2 Beach. I think I can get in under 4 hours, but now that I’m doubting myself, I’m also not training as hard, which is counter-productive. I know this. I need to get my head in the game.

The injury sent me back tons, and I’m now close to where I was pre-injury, but the added miles have caused my IT band flare up and my toenails turn a lovely shade of ripe plum.

Did you know that you can get a blister under your toenail?


You can thank me later for not posting a picture of my feet.

Yesterday’s run was particularly difficult because the wind was howling on the uphills. I ran two out-and-backs that I feel might be good training for the mary due to the elevation change (running downhill for that long can tear up the quads). Even before the sun rose, the wind was gusting hard. As the sun peaked over the horizon, light FILTERED through the dust, pollen, and other junk, and I almost lost it. I’m not a big wind fan, and I’ve got a raging head cold right now, which made for some nasty impromptu trailing snot rockets.


What I didn’t lose out on was fuel. I feel like I have a good fuel plan for the race, as I felt like I could continue running at 20, although I wasn’t sad to be home. I carried my handheld and refilled it once, and I took gels at 8.5, 13.5, and 18. I plan on taking another at 22 during the race. Oh, and I discovered that it was the shirt I wore last week that caused my arms to chafe.

Everyone knows, though, that anything can happen in the last 10K.

This is really all I can hope for:


I almost did the latter in last year’s Ojai 2 Ocean (M2B’s former self) half marathon. Thank goodness for finish line Andy Gumps!

Here’s my foggy-headed, snotty, sinusy post-run picture from yesterday.


To celebrate, the hus took me to brunch at Dish:


I love brunching with that man! I’ll only eat breakfast/brunch there, and I’ll only eat there if we have a coupon. Breakfast is good, but really expensive for how basic it is.

We’re also watching my sissy’s two perros calientes for her birthday weekend!


Tanky C



Both are complete loves. My lucky sissy is up on the central coast tasting some vino for her big day.

Happy birthday, girl! You are the most amazing sister in the whole world!


I love you!

What are you most excited for this weekend?

Definitely my sister’s birthday dinner!

What was your favorite part of today?

Watching Boston PD and the FBI put an end to the terror that began Monday. While noshing on Yogurtland, natch.

What are your workout plans for the weekend?