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The action:


5.75 hilly, post-work Wildwood run/ 54:25 min.

75 min. evening barre class at M6


75 min. morning barre class at M6

3.63 mile walk with all five girls and the husband

(The weekend)

6 X 800m and 8 X 800 interval training with lots of 8:06 miles before and after

First, the bad news.

I can’t count.

I teach English. That’s my excuse. I have three theories as to what happened, and they all involve my inability to count and/or use technology, so we’ll just go ahead and accept the fact that I should stick to things like the abacus and real paper books.

The marathon still took place back in the day of beads and pages, so I guess I’m good.

Whatever my issues were, incompetent Hot Chocolate Runner failed to count the training weeks left in the cycle. Thanks to the keen eye of my running mentor, I JUST DISCOVERED that I have five weeks until the big mary and seven weeks of training left.

So…. I will be missing out on an important long run.

And just like that, I feel like I am doomed to not BQ.

However, because I’m a stubborn donkey, I’m going to just focus more on my speed work and the quality of my workouts.

Here is a list of the things that are keeping me positive:

1. Working out with friends. It’s just better that way.


Matching hers and hers black and white chevron print? Yes, please!


Cousin love!

I still can’t convince anyone to run with me.

2. New running clothes. I bought this skirt online after I discovered it was sold out in the stores, and I bought this shirt in blue and pink. The tank was perfect for knocking out a super sweaty TM run the other day. And it made me feel a little Marsha Brady.


3. Hanging out with my family. Who else can make me laugh so hard?


Haircuts by Nana.

Or encourage nutritious snacking:


Blondie has good taste.

Or take shameless selfies:


Our guard dog. Someone needs to protect my running shoes!

Or explore the critters in our ‘hood:


My lovelies with their very first caterpillar friend.

I mean, when you have to live with this kid every day:


Blondie is filled with marshmallow cream fluff. Did you know that?

I’m reminded of how blessed I am. Puts me in a great mood every time.

I’m not exactly sure how this week’s training is going to go (the hubs is working tons), but i’m going to make it work.

What are your goals for this week?

What is the last miscalculation you made?

What’s your favorite treat?

Definitely Yogurtland and cupcakes.