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The action:


16.04 miles/ 2:12:58


6.75 hot and hilly miles/ 52:45


5.70 hilly, early miles/ 41:37

75 min. brutal barre class at M6 immediately following the run

Happy Friday! Today was a hugely wonderful day. How was yours?

Since realizing earlier this week that I completely jacked my training for the full mary in May, I’ve been dedicated to torturing myself by completing shorter runs immediately before barre. Luckily, Veronique is with me every plie and releve along the way. Michelle’s classes don’t get easier over time. At all. Which is why I love them. Once a workout is too easy, it’s time to switch it up, and so far that hasn’t happened. Barre is gentle on the joints, and it helps strengthen the glutes and the hips, which can radically help runners avoid common running injuries. Did you know that?

Two important things:

1. I got my new Lulu skirt in the mail, and I LOVE it. Yes, it’s outrageously expensive, but I think this might be the one that goes 26.2! I wore it yesterday on my short run, and we’re planning on getting married soon. We haven’t set a date. I’m thinking May 26th.


It’s a lot lighter weight than the other Lulu skirts I own, the waistband is super comfy, and there are mesh pockets in the shorts for gels/ipods/chapstick/chocolate/mini vodka bottles.

I love it so much that I wore it this morning when I went the distance:


And then came home and demanded my personal photographer snap a nice action shot before he went to work.


I always break the cardinal rules of racing (don’t try anything new on race day) by wearing something new, but running for 3.5 (hopefully) hours is a lot longer than running a half, so I’m testing the goods out. I’ll wear the skirt again for my 22-miler next Friday and update my love report.

As for this morning’s run, I wasn’t planning on running this morning, but things got a little funky with my husband’s schedule last night, and with him working the next four 24s, I threw an all out tantrum because I’m a panicky panicker about these last few weeks! I know I’m not a professional runner. I know this is a hobby. But I really really want to go to Boston next year. So what happened?

I’ll tell you. Veronique (have I told you how much I love my friends before?) offered to come watch my kids early in the AM so that I could get my run in (no joke. “That’s what girlfriends are for,” she said. I love her!) and my husband asked one of his dude friends to hold over or cover or something I know nothing about except that it allowed my overly dramatic self to get my long run in.

I hadn’t slept well thanks to the ultra spicy deliciousness of the Three Amigos salsa, my legs were tired from the week’s runs and barre classes, I wasn’t well hydrated or fed from the night before, and I only sucked down a cup of Starbucks Via before heading out the door, and I still managed to squeak in 16 at an average pace of 8:17. I wasn’t pushing myself at all, and my jank knee was clicking for the first 6.5 miles, which drove me bat cray, but I did it, and I’m pretty satisfied. I carried my handheld with water and stopped at 9.5 to refill it and take a gel. And before I knew it, I was done.

I credit the skirt.

2. I love my girls somuchithurts.

I surprised my girls with a trip to see Thomas the Train at the Fillmore train station today.



Friday is definitely the day to come. We’ve gone on weekends before, and it’s super crowded. This time, we didn’t have to wait in line for anything, and there was a super nice reptile man who let the little ones hold his lizards!


Little Miss Vanna White showcased all the latest and greatest in the reptile world.


Not to be outdone, blondie made sure everyone knew who was really holding the boa constrictor.



These heart melters not only love cold-blooded critters…



They love working as understudies to my step dad/contractor extraordinaire. Honing wallpaper stripping skills is a must when remodeling a house. It’s all about the gentle, steady pull.



Yep! Those are my two important things. My skirt is amazing, and my kids are much more amazing.

What is your favorite workout piece right now?

Definitely a three-way tie between my new skirt, my Sweatybands, and my Pro Compression socks.