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The Action:


4.2- mile run on the TM on incline 1 @ 8:00

5.10 hilly miles through Wildwood/ 41:00 min.(Thank you, Mom!)

3.63 mile walk with the girls and the double Bob/ 51:23 min.


10.25 miles on the TM on incline 1; 1st 5 @ 8:00 pace, 2nd 5 @ 7:53 pace

70 min. barre class at M6 with this girl:



I’m so excited that my favorite cousin is out of school for the summer! I have BIG plans for us that involve lots of barre, running, stand-up paddling, hiking, and wine. Or margaritas. Or beer. It doesn’t matter. We don’t discriminate over here.

Speaking of summer, I am four weeks out from the end of the school year, so my life has been ultra consumed with all things teaching and grading writing.


Outsourcing my grading to my dog.

So I’m also drinking a lot more. Local craft beers? Sign me up! Kids don’t want an overly tired, irritated teacher grading their stuff, right?

Just joking, kids.

Just because it’s my final high-mileage week:

Monday: 6.25 post-work miles with a anti-satellite synching Garmin; 3.61 mile walk

Tuesday: 5.25 hilly, post-work miles/ 42:45 min.; 75 minute barre class

Wednesday: 75 minute barre class; 3.61 mile walk

Thursday: Rest

On to some sad news. 

The most important machine in my life died suddenly and unexpectedly as I had just completed mile 4 this afternoon. Yesterday, Tready was working full force. We hit a good rhythm, and never looked back.



We spent the entire 10 miles watching news coverage of the Spring Fire on the iPad, and she never mentioned anything about feeling pain or experiencing difficulty breathing. Everything seemed fine, which is why it came as a complete shock to me that she’s no longer with us today.

This afternoon after I put the girls down for a nap, I climbed back on my friend, turned on my most favorite acerbic fashion show, and began running.


If you don’t have a small space in your heart for Joan Rivers, we can’t be friends.

I began at an 8:00 mile pace, and just past mile 4, she died on me without warning. Blank screen, no power, nothing. I  stopped dead in my tracks, which is never fun when you’re zoning out at a comfortable pace.

I didn’t panic. This happened before, but it was only a loose cable, so I checked that, and she didn’t turn on. I checked the circuit breaker, and it was fine. I tried a different outlet, and she still wouldn’t reboot, so I pressed the RESET button, and she choked to life. 

The screen turned on, but every time I pressed START, she wouldn’t budge and her screen was full of gibberish, so I made the call to Sears.

Fighting back tears, I pleaded with the customer service rep to get the repair guy out ASAP because my husband is working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week, and since he works 24-hour shifts, I can’t just abandon my kids to go for a run. I’m going to rely heavily on my TM the next few taper weeks for my speed work. The TM and I are friends. Besties, if you will. She can’t die on me now.

No, sir, I am pretty sure it’s not a computer issue. The screen is working, and the On/Off button makes a clicking sound when I turn her back on. I know her very well, and I’m almost positive it’s a motor or electrical issue. She can’t die. No, she can’t. I need her!

I’m sure he needed to know this. I also wonder if customer service reps have a black book of the crazies who call in. I’m sure I’m in there, name highlighted.

As I was explaining to him what happened with as much detail as possible so he could order the appropriate part(s), the start button miraculously worked! My heart leaped, and I almost screeched with joy…



until smoke began pouring out of the front. Billowing! In my most panicky of panicked voice, I informed the poor Sears man that my baby was on fire, and I was going to lose her!

“Unplug it,” he calmly said. Dude should be a 911 operator.

Did she just not like Joan Rivers? Is she over working for 10 miles or more? Is she jealous of my love for the road?

As we ended our call, I thanked the man for being so understanding of my situation and need to get this issue taken care of, and he killed the mood by trying to sell me on Sears energy efficient windows.

My best machine friend just died in an electrical fire, and all you can think of is selling me windows? Grow a heart!


The repair guy is set to come out Tuesday between 8 and 12. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for my friend, the TM.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little teensy bit retentive. Therefore, training for a marathon is driving me to drink more teaching me to be way more flexible.

I’m three weeks out from the big day, and not a single thing has gone as planned. Life has gotten in the way a lot more than I expected. I definitely think that adding barre to my routine has added an incredible amount of glute and hip strength as well as a bit of flexibility, but my weekly mileage has been off by 2-10 miles per week (not including injury recovery weeks lost), depending on my workload and choosing to hang out with my husband over running. I definitely have the heart to make it to Boston; I don’t know if I trained enough, though.

My last long run is tomorrow. I planned on beginning with a quick 8 on the TM before the husband gets home around 7:30, and continuing with the remaining 14 on the road, but now I’ll have to hit the road with the full 22 ahead of me. Thankfully, the temps are supposed to be a lot cooler tomorrow. Score!

Also a score is that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and since I will have run 22 miles, I will need to order two Sabor margaritas.

I’ll definitely be taking my margarita Clif Shot Blocks on my run, too!

What are your plans for Cinco de Mayo?

Run, then drink margs with my sissy!

What is your favorite Margarita?

Definitely the Sabor margarita at Sabor and the Cadillac at Yolanda’s.

What’s your favorite Mexican food?

Tacos camarones. And chips and salsa.