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The action:


5.06 super early, super slow, rainy and hilly miles/ 44:45 min.

3.61 mi. walk with the dogs and the kids


22.06 miles/ 3:07:48!


I’ve learned a couple things about the long run in my limited mary training.

While I can’t count, they (the long runs) do count. I can’t believe the difference in how my body felt yesterday compared to my first long run weeks ago! While I was super pumped to be done with the run yesterday, I had lots of juice left. That might be due in part to my evolving race-day nutrition and also my conversation-able pace. And the on and off drizzle bonus (love!). I also dug my potential race-day attire.

Top from Lululemon (I also have it in pink): SUPER cool! It wasn’t hot yesterday, but the breeze in the back was refreshing. And no chafeage.

Skirt from Lululemon: My new favorite running skirt. It has pockets on both legs for gels, chomps, and/or your kitchen sink. No chafeage. And super lightweight.

Socks from ProCompression: The only compression sock I wear.

Asics Gel Kayano 19 from RoadRunner: I just ordered it from RRS at 20% off through VIP this week only. In pink. Neon Pink.

Headband from Sweatybands: Swear by these babies. Up and down, right and left. Running, surfing (small days), SUPing, teaching, barre-ing.

Also, I switched up my nutrition a bit this time. I added the Margarita flavor Clif Shot Block. It was Cinco de Mayo, after all. It also has a lot more sodium than the other gels I take, so I thought I’d add one in between every gel to see if it helped my hammies keep from getting prematurely tight. It worked! I’m not sure if it was my improved fitness or the blocks, but it worked, so I’m going to stick with it for the race.


I’m not one to pass up a margarita!

Another bonus (besides the drizzle!) was that I ran into people all over town yesterday during my run. I saw the walking “regulars,” my super mountain-biking neighborfriend and her husband heading home from a long ride, one of my coworkers, and my mom! Each time I saw somebody, it kinda elevated my motivation, much like what happens when I see people you know at a race. So cool!

After my final long run before the mary, I stretched and rolled and iced:


The only thing standing between me and my margarita.

And met up with my sissy’s family and my mom at Sabor for my favorite meal in the world!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!






After stuffing our faces with yummy tacos and margs, the husband got in a little strength training:



We then came home and attempted a nap, but somebody kept snoring:


Penelope working hard to keep us safe. As usual.

She needs Breathe Right to keep her log-sawing under control.

No complaints about Sunday.

I set my alarm early for this Monday morning just in case I wanted to run before the husband went to work. When I woke up, it was raining, so it was necessary to run. Never ever in a million years pass up a chance to run in the rain. It’ll be the happiest part of your day. 100% guaranteed. It’s science.

My run this morning was super slow. I was a little bit fatigued from the 22-miler and the prior two-day’s worth of 19.5 miles, and I didn’t want to push it, so I cruised and just enjoyed the rain and the early morning quiet.

Looking out at Wildwood was the eeriest view. It was raining pretty steadily, but I could still see the glow of the Springs Fire in the distance:



Hug a fireman. They protected my best running friend Veronique’s house! Not that you needed an excuse to hug one…

The coolest part about early runs is how quickly the sun comes up:


Are you jealous of my neighborhood yet?


Sopping wet. Best pre-work run ever!

What? You say you like my style?

I took your grandpa’s style on a walk with the dogsandkids this evening.


Argyle ProCompression for the win.

You want to know who loves her some argyle?



Ruthie Colada informed me that her favorite argyle socks smell like chicken, so she passed on the walk in favor of her second favorite activity.


Itchy Colada.

It must have been all those Cheerios she sniffed that caused her allergy attack. Poor thing. I’d hate to be allergic to grains, rice, potato, pollen, ragweed, grass, and dairy! She’s something special, all right!

Hey. If you think about it, send up positive thoughts for my TM tomorrow. The Sears guy is supposed to be here between 8 and noon.

Do your pets sleep on your bed?

I’m just thankful they let me sleep on my bed!

Do you have any advice for the taper weeks?