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The two best things are happening this week: 



I feel like my marathon training fought my work life for attention these past few weeks in a battle royale, where I’ve just put my head down and gotten it done (without a treadmill, btw).

Lots of super early morning runs on the days when the huz worked (no, the ‘mill is still not fixed, thank you Sears and Sole):


Pre-dawn runs have worked their way into my heart. I’ve not loved the getting up super early part, but I’ve completely fallen for the peace and quiet of the roads and the post-run nap until the kids wake up. And I also haul booty when I know my husband has to get to work, which has made for speedy 5 and 8-milers.

I’ve also honed my grading skills. At this point in my life, I have almost nothing left to grade. This is huge considering my backpack was stocked with fresh and not-so-fresh writing samples from my lovely middle schoolers.

Because I’ve been hunkered down in my own personal pit of procrastinated work, I’ve missed sharing my favorite things from the past few weeks. There’s lots, but I’ve narrowed it down, so here goes:


See’s has the double-caramels for a limited time, so stock up! They might be my fave, only maybe possibly dependingonmymood behind the butterscotch square and the scotchmallow. They are no joke, and the smart man behind the counter surprised me with a flawed double-double caramel the other day when I went in!!!

Then, I met my sister’s new baby, Roseanne:







I called about Botox for her, but since she’s only 12-weeks old, it’s a no go.

But seriously, did your heart just melt a little bit?

Also, my most amazing baby cousin graduated from college!



Huge congratulations/condolences to him! I thought it was nice that a certain blondie insisted on matching the man of the hour with her choice footwear.

I hope redheads never go extinct. Did you know they have their own day? It’s because they’re that powerful.

In fact, I’m pretty sure “The Man,” as he is known around the world, had a heavy hand in ensuring prime post-graduation snacking of champs, strawberries, and chocolate chip cookies!

Snacks for the road home from the 909:



Lastly, there are only six days until the big day. I’m still not sure how to feel about my chances of BQing, since I didn’t strictly follow a plan, I missed a good chunk of training due to my injured adductor/hip flexor and jank knee, I miscounted my training weeks left, and I blew up my tready, but I have full faith that I can finish. It may not be pretty, but I fully intend on crossing the finish line. Without the tumtum issues that wrecked last year’s half experience (still PRed, though).

I remain hopeful.

Hey, if I fail bigtime, at least there will be a beer waiting for me at the end!

What is the biggest tip you can give to a first time marathoner?

What was the best part of your weekend?

Definitely watching my cousin graduate!

What’s your favorite See’s candy?