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I’m a big planner. I might not always (or ever) be on time, but I’m big into being prepared.

THE BIG DAY is tomorrow, and I spent the entire day with the girls I love the most (minus my sissy and her girls).

I feel like my training is almost where it should have been, but my fear is that my lack of experience is going to be what bites me in the rear. Either way, I’ll cross out the final week of my training log after the race.


I’ve decided to go out and just have fun. I’ll push myself in the last half of the race, but I’ve heard big scary things about fire striking the quads and knees at mile 17/18 if one goes out faster than planned. It’s my first mary, so I really want to enjoy it.

To be prepared, I charged up everything I own.


And set up my AM non-coffee race day beverage of choice:


Thanks to my bestmotheronearth, my spawns woke up this morning ready to go to Oxnard, which is where my mom is watching them. My mini-me was all packed and ready to go while I was still in my jammies.


Any time we pack up the luggage, some household members get extremely nervous and needy.


Can you feel the hot, panty breath of Ruby Sunshine? Poor thing. She never gets to go anywhere. Her life is completely terrible. You should feel really, really sorry for her. She’s just miserable.

After reassuring the dogs that we weren’t going to leave them forever, my mini-me asked me what I was planning on racing in. When I showed her the blue top and purple socks I was planning on rocking, she told me that she’d rather I dress like a watermelon than a blueberry. I can’t make this stuff up, people. She then asked if I have clothes that I can wear that could make me look like a watermelon “because that would be really cool.” Done.


After we were all packed up (with no fewer than twenty-nine stuffed animals in the back of the car), we met Veronique for packet pick-up in Ventura.



Where Blondie called ahead to have her sweet ride waiting right out front.



More on packet pick-up and the lunch that followed later. As for now, the little granny in my is begging to sleep so I’m all rested up for the 3:45 wake up call. Wish me luck! If anything, I’ll keep this in mind (courtesy of my bestie Veronique):



I’m no quitter, that’s fo sho. Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow, especially Veronique and Julie! Have fun out there!