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8.45 mi./ 1:08:19 early morning run

75 min. barre class at M6

I’ve been light on the posts lately because life has just been so wonderfully busy these past few weeks! First was my first marathon, then school ended, and immediately following the end of the school year were both my mom’s and mini-me’s birthdays.

First, though, I feel the need to discuss last week. After M2B, I wrote about how sad and disappointed I was to come SOCLOSE to BQing. I resolved to sign up for another marathon (The Ventura) and train my heiny off for it in hopes of BQing in September.

Perhaps I didn’t give myself enough time to recover, or perhaps I wasn’t prepared for the sluggishness that encapsulated my runs, but I was way off on my usual times during every single run last week. I averaged in the 8:40s/mile, and at first, I really let it get to me.

I had just finished 26.2 miles in 3:35:21 and half-heartedly run a 10K in 48 min. Why was it taking everything in my body to complete a measly 7-mile training run?!?!?! Complete with mental and/or physical “breathers” every mile or two?

Did I need to break up with running? Or was it breaking up with me?

Instead, I consulted running therapist Ruby Sunshine, who instructed me to take her for one last positive split run until I take her again, well, it happens again. Which it will. Because I’ve learned that some running days are good, and others are good after I’m done.



Photo from my Instagram!

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with those orange Oiselle Roga shorts. I wore them to match The Sunshine, and they ended up being one of the best parts of my National Running Day run!

Aside from putting in some solid positive mile splits, running with the golden reminded me that running is fun. I think I was putting to much pressure on myself to get every scheduled run in and make sure every training run is a positive one, but the reality is that I just ran my first marathon two weeks ago, and my body needs to recover right now.

After having my spirits lifted from everyone’s favorite retriever, I took it easy the rest of my runs last week. I put the miles in, but I focused on keeping good form and enjoying being able to get out and put one foot in front of the other.

Today’s run was better, and the barre class was killer. I’m finally getting back to normal (for me).

Which brings me to my completely blessed life.

The most important woman in my life celebrated her birthday on National Running Day! How cool is that?!?! To begin the celebration, my sister and I took my mom and the girls (and the huz) to one of my most favorite restaurants in Malibu:


Cafe Habana is in the Country Mart, and it serves up some pretty stellar tacos camarones and star sightings.



I don’t know how it works in your family, but in my family, everyone gets an entire week of celebrations. So on Friday, my sissy and I took the queen to the Four Seasons in Westlake for a little relaxation. If you want the best massage experience you’ve ever had in your life, go there. You have total access to the spa facilities and pools when you book an appointment with the spa. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

After our massages, we hung out poolside where all the cool kids were:



Photo from Instagram and Twitter (Yes, I am now a Tweeter? Follow me?).

We got our classy lady pants on and ordered a bottle of champs to celebrate Mama’s b-day:



We also ordered up some muy delicioso poolside grub. 



You’re welcome for blurring my toes. Still not looking too hot from the mary.

Did you know that this heirloom tomato sandwich can also be ordered as a wrap if you’re trying to eat fewer carbs? What about a salad?

Nope. I’m a carb-loving runner. Bring on the bread and the chips. With a side of salt, please.

After hanging out at the pool, we went home to shower and rest up until pre-din wine tasting at Stonehaus in Westlake. I could write an entire post on the awesomeness of this place, but I’ll keep it short: they serve champagne, wine, cheese, made to order pizzas in outdoor pizza ovens, coffee, and gelato. ALL OF MY FAVORITE FOODS!!! And there’s live music! GOOD live music! AND THEY’RE DOG AND KID FRIENDLY!!!!!!!!

I mean, get out! This place is perfect to the max!







Yes, Blondie is wearing cat ears and blue plastic shades. And yes, my mini-me is wearing a tiara. But only because she wanted to spend her last day as a 4-year old in style.

Five years ago Sunday, I gave birth to one of the most lovely, intelligent, thoughtful young ladies around. She asked me if I’d still read books to her even when she learns how to read. Does that not melt your heart? Of course I will!!! And I made her promise to always have dance parties with me even when she gets old. We shook on it. So it’s an official deal.

She’s into princesses right now (at least she’s not into cats!):



And while everyone was outside celebrating, Blondie stayed busy convincing Nana that she needed a pre-dinner cupcake.



As you can see, I am blessed. 

Happy birthday, Mom and Livy!

What do you do when you feel like breaking up with something you love?

Consult my therapist dog. The least intelligent of the three.

What is your favorite flavor of Gatorade?

Right now it’s lemonade, but my sis whispered sweet nothings about a cucumber lime? Does this really exist?

It’s hot out. Do you run with water or an electrolyte drink? How do you carry it?

I switch between water and Fluid in a handheld, depending on the distance.