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8.01 early morning miles/ 1:04:04

3.62 mile evening walk with the dogs and girls

I set the alarm this morning at an ungodly teacher-on-summer-vacation-and-no-we’re-not-up-to-catch-a-flight early time of 4:45 this morning so I could get in eight miles before the husband went to work, and I was shocked at how awesome it was to be out that early.


The sun was rising, the stench of exhaust and cigarettes was replaced by wafts of frying donuts, and it was so super quiet! And my socks! Well, let’s just say that neon may or may not be an accurate description.


That’s amazing, no? I’m pretty sure they glow in the dark. If you want to join the Pro Compression family, right now, all neon marathon compression socks are 40% off when you use the code NEON at checkout.

After the run, I forced my personal photographer to take another awkward picture in the middle of the street before he went to work.


That’s true love. And no, that’s not Budweiser in the bottle. It’s my recovery drink. I’ve been vigilant about drinking Fluid recovery after my runs because I’m pretty good at putting off eating until I can sit down to a nice hot breakfast. It’s hugely beneficial to consume carbs, electrolytes, and protein within 30 minutes of a run to help with muscle repair and to recover energy and fluid lost during exercise. I’ve found that putting the powder and water/almond milk in a sports bottle and shaking it works better than mixing it in a glass with a spoon.

What is that you say? You miss my constant lamenting of the treadmill? Well, worry no longer, friends. After WEEKS of waiting for the successful repair of the ‘mill, she’s finally ready to go. The repair guy came this morning to finish the repair he unsuccessfully completed a couple weeks ago, so prepare yourself. I might use her tomorrow!

Now, on to the most fantastic part of my day.

Did Costco know I was coming?!?!


Of course that gourmet chocolate milk made its way into my cart! Everyone knows that chocolate milk is the perfect post-run beverage (aside from beer, of course!).

And check out the sample of the day:


If you’ve never tried Ghirardelli brownies, they will change your life for the better. I guarantee it. If you don’t agree, I’ll gladly take the leftovers and dispose of them appropriately (in my belly).

Confession: sometimes I make these brownies just so I can lick the bowl. But I have to do it when the kids are napping or have gone to bed because they are direct descendants of HauteChocolateRunner, and can, by default, sniff out chocolate from a mile away. I don’t share my brownie batter bowl. Even with my kids.

It’s for their own good. Consuming raw eggs is a recipe for disaster. Everyone knows that.

FInally, what are you doing tomorrow night? I’m going to my very first Run like a Girl night at my local Road Runner! It should be super fun to get together with other amazing chicks and lay down some miles!

When do you try to get your run/workout in?

I like the mornings during summer, and the afternoons during winter.

What do you do first thing after a run/workout?

I make my recovery drink and STRETCH!!! (A lesson I learned the hard way).

What is your favorite new piece of workout gear?

Probably my neon Pros.