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5.08 hot and sweaty miles with some hills/ 42:38 min.


75 min. SUPER SAUNA SWEATFEST barre class at M6

5.01 hot, sweaty, hilly miles/ 40:01 min.

3.32 miles around N.P. with Road Runner’s Run Like a Girl event

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only girl that sweats like a beast. I like to think that I’m well-hydrated and have an efficient cooling system, but MAN! I was dripping sweat in barre. It was so bad that my dry-fit top pulled out a white flag and waved it wildly in surrender. 

My deepest apologies to those who had to see me without a shirt. I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t want to crack the lens on the phone. And my partner in crime (V) was MIA. And it just felt too awkward for a sweatster like myself to engage in any conversation with a stranger. I didn’t want to weird them out or anything.

The sweating continued when I decided to get some miles in before Run Like a Girl at my local RRS. I wasn’t sure about the distance or the pace of the event, and I needed to get some miles in to keep up with my training JIC. I also have a theory that if I train in the heat a couple times a week, it will make the marathon in September (with a 7am start!) more manageable. Is there such a thing as heat training?

My neighbor J willingly opted in to join me for Run Like a Girl. 



By attending RLaG, runners are given raffle tickets for registering, wearing R-gear (Road Runner’s line of apparel), testing out shoes, or spending $25 or more. At the end of summer, two tickets from each RRS store will be chosen for an entry into the most local Rock N Roll Race Series, and two runners nationwide will have the chance to run in any RNR race around the country with hotel included! I’ve never run an RNR event, but they look like tons of fun! If I won the grand prize, I’d probably pick New Orleans or Seattle. Or maybe San Antonio. I’ve heard Nashville is cool, too.

I never ever win raffles, though, so I more than likely won’t have to make such a major life decision.

I’ll definitely keep going to the RLaG runs, though, to increase my chances of winning something (shoelaces, water bottles, and socks were raffled at the store yesterday).

Check in was simple:



You have to sign a waiver if you’ve never run with RRS before, which is pretty standard. The emcee made a kind request for runners to PLEASE pre-register, as they only received about 14 online RSVPs, but there were clearly more than 14!



There were really amazing women from all age and pace groups! And big props went out to the mamas who brought their babes in strollers! I could never figure out how to run comfortably with the stroller, but that’s most likely operator error. Well done, ladies!

After check-in, we were given the opportunity to test run some Newtons for an extra raffle ticket.


I passed, since my rendezvous with them a year ago didn’t turn out so well. They’re now Blondie’s favorite tromp-around-the-house shoe. As with anything in running, you have to find out what works for you.

At 6, we took off for a 3-mile loop around Newbury Park.



We went over the 101, passed all of the Amgen folks in their cars headed home…



and crossed back over the 101…



just in time for cocktail hour!



Major thanks to one of the ladies who, when she found out that there were far more runners that showed than RRS anticipated, went over to Trader Joe’s to grab some more snacks! That’s the runner’s spirit for ya!

After we stretched and chatted, we were subjected to the Newton rep’s presentation, which lasted twenty minutes too long. Then Jenette (sp?), the bra fitter at my shop, told us the importance of finding the right bra (band is important, not the straps!), and then the host raffled off some goodies.

When the celebration was over, for the first time since living up north, J had the Shoe Dog fit her with custom insoles and shoes! I joined in on the fun, having last been fitted after I got married (2006), and was convinced to give the custom insoles a try. 


Up until yesterday, I had spent the past two years running in the green Superfeet, but since RRS has a 30-day guarantee, I figured I have nothing to lose. And the dude who sold me on them claims he’s been injury-free for the past 1.5 years, when he first started using them after some crazy calf-swelling nastiness he described that was a result of his running.

Now I feel all pro!



Don’t be askin’ to borrow my stinky shoes! You’ll hate my high arches!

They’re fit for me now!

Naturally, I had to test them out this morning.



I liked them! They feel more formed to my feet, but they’re a lot more flexible than the greens that lived in the Kayanos before. Which means that I have some strength building to do in my feet. Among other things (glutes, hips, quads, you name it, it needs to be strengthened.).

Have you been fitted for shoes?

I was yesterday. And it was embarrassing because my middle toenail came off.

Do you wear inserts? What kind?

Have you ever been to a running event at your local running store?

Do you run with a club or group?

I don’t. I’m pretty much a loner ranger. I wish I had time for it, though!