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Today: 9.13 early miles to the other end of town and back/ 1:14:25 **note to self: have cup of coffee before making Fluid for the handheld. It’s 1 scoop, not 2, unless you’re majoring in tum tum issues.

Wednesday: 75 min. super sweatfest barre class at M6; 3.65 mi. walk with the fam

Tuesday: 7.60 HOT, mid-afternoon miles in the garage/ started @ 8:00, ended at 7:06 min.

Monday: 5.00 HOT miles in the garage (no breeze)/ 40:00 min.; 3.62 mi. walk with the girls

I chose a profession that would allow me to leave the world a better place enjoy the summers I so completely lived for as a kid, but now that my kids are (gasp!) into things instead of into being carted around to the places I like to go to (Yorgurtland is a win-win), Summer 2013 has been exponentially more jam-packed than my Total Wine shopping cart!

Hence, a lack of blogging.

And an upswing in dreadmill runs because the husband has been busy working a bazillion consecutive days. 


This is obviously a pre-run picture. Afterwards, the amount of sweat on my body prevented me from using my iPhone to take a classy post-run picture. True story.

My goal, now that I have a mileage base from M2B, is to average 50 miles per week to prepare for Ventura. Ventura is do or die for BQing for 2014. No pressure. **Note to self: this is supposed to be FUN!!!

One of the biggest things I took away (in hindsight) is that I have two key runs that I should really focus on: the tempo/speed work run and the long run. Don’t ask how many times I included speed work into my M2B training, and in my long runs, I don’t think I ever focused on my split times. I wouldn’t be running without goals.

My runner-in-denial friend’s husband asked if I would have been satisfied even if I had come in at 3:35 in M2B, and the truth is that I wouldn’t have been. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me in these next 11 weeks.

Speaking of training cycles, is it just me or is training in the heat of summer SUPER hard? I’d take running in the rain over sweating my heiny off while chugging IPAs water/NUUN/Fluid like crazy any day! Or maybe I just have to get up earlier. (Gosh, Mom! It’s summer vacation!)

Because I love my family so darn much, I feel the need to show you what we’ve been up to this past week:

1. Swimming lessons from the most amazing swim instructor ever! Blondie swam to the wall by herself the other day!


Water safety is a #1 priority in this household of water babies. Molokini, here we come!

2. This is from Instagram. We went to Make Meaning, and Blondie chose to paint a shark instead of princesses like her sister and cousin opted for. Such an original.



3. Touch-A-Truck, and annual event that the Conejo Valley Parks and Rec puts on. It’s 100% free (although we donated b/c it’s such a super stellar event), and the kids get to touch and explore all kinds of trucks from dump trucks to a real Tonka truck to military trucks to FedEx trucks, school busses, police vehicles, etc. And there is even a Search and Rescue helicopter demonstration on the field of TOHS!



A dump truck dumped loads of beach balls on the kids and then the kids had to fill the truck back up.

Yes, blondie’s ensemble de jour is the Belle costume.




4. Bike rides are a summer favorite, too! Especially on roads with no cars!



Blondie likes to instigate road rage. Are you surprised?



The Colada likes to keep Blondie in check. Best lab ever.

5. BBQ season is in full swing, and as usual, Blondie, aka The Tricycle BBQ Chief, has been making the rounds.



She likes to tell Papa exactly how she likes her salmon grilled (crispy on the edges, perfect on the inside).

6. Summer cuts. I have no words for these pictures.







7. Good beer, particularly this hoppy IPA, has been flowing freely around here. Liquid carbs, no?



8. My mini-me’s last day of preschool. Ever. Let the tears begin to fall.



Things aren’t slowing down, either! Maui better prepare for the arrival of Blondie on Monday!

And right now, I’m headed to my local RRS for my first Adventure Run ever! Wish me luck!

What is your favorite part of summer?

Have any insider tips for enjoying Maui?

Have you ever run in Maui? Want to share any good routes?