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I know this is a running blog, so I’ll talk about my training first before I get to the thing that has been consuming my life and some really awesome news.

Last week was a “fall back” week, a week where my mileage decreased so that my body could work on repairing and rejuvenating itself to make one last training surge before the big Ventura Marathon, so I decided to go big! At least go up big hills for some hill repeats while my kids were at gymnastics.


The road is steeper than it looks.

Hill repeats are good for neuromuscular benefits and running economy, according to this article in Runners World. They differ from a hilly run, which is my norm, because they’re sprints up a hill for a short period of time, followed by a short recovery jog downhill, repeated over and over again until you start questioning the accuracy of the clock.

Towards the end of the session, the 10 seconds I had remaining lasted an entire minute. I swear.

The hill repeat drill I did began with a 1.5 mi. warmup (8:00 pace), then for each repeat, I would sprint almost all out up the hill for 60 seconds, then jog back down and repeat 6 times. I was hoping to get in 8 reps, but I was having issues with my Garmin locating the satellites, which took up valuable time, so I stopped at 6 in order to get a mile cool down in before my girls were done with gymnastics.

My biggest mistake was not leaving time to stretch. Not stretching = impending injury.

I did a lot of icing and stretching and cross training/core work last week because not stretching after the hill repeats wrecked my jank knee and adductor that I spent many weeks and dollars rehabbing earlier in the year. I’m not going to lie, I was super scared.

It turns out, my PT is super smart! Icing 3 times a day and stretching religiously and (gasp!) resting is really helpful!

I’m happy to report that there are no nigglings this week!

I’m also happy to report that I’ve put in two really solid runs this week. The husband’s schedule has, yet again, forced me to reorganize my training days, so I went out late Tuesday evening for a quick 5:


I had to bust out the safety vest for the first time in months! Considering a head lamp.

This morning’s run was pretty decent as well:



I’ve been trying to run my mid-week longer runs at marathon goal pace (MGP) or under to see if my effort will pay off on September 8th.

Now, on to the most important things in my life.

This is a picture from what I didn’t know would be the last walk where my mini-me rolled in the stroller:



And this little bit of sweetness:



The day after those pictures were taken, my mini-me announced that she would like to ride her bike instead of riding in the stroller.

My first thought was No! You can’t do that! It’s going to take too long, and you might not make it all the way home, and I’m not going to carry your bike back for you! Do you know how far the walk is, kid? It’s over 3.5 miles! There’s no way you can do that. You’re too small!

Translated: No! You’re my baby! I’m not ready for this!

The husband actually told her it was a no-go, but she’s my girl, and even though I want to put her in a bubble and keep her safe and scratch-free and under my control forever and ever, I know that the best way to raise a confident, go-get-’em girl is to support her in what she wants to achieve, even if I’m not quite ready for it.

Well, she did it!



Two days in a row, in fact! And she wants to do it again tonight!

And, yes, there are 5 dogs in that picture. The lab is hidden behind my girl.

Man, time flies. Having the kids home all summer has been absolutely exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade a single day of it for anything. We’ve been able to hang out, read 1,000,000 books, visit the library on a regular basis, go to the park almost every day, and swim until our skin resembles that of a golden raisin, all without getting a single paper cut or sunburn!

And now it’s August, the month when I go back at work (next week!), my mini-me starts kindergarten, and Blondie begins her quest for world domination.



She looks sweet, doesn’t she?

But, in the biggest (running) news of all, I am super pumped to announce that I was selected to be a member of the Oiselle Voleé Team! It is such an honor to fly with a company whose goal is to support women as they strive to achieve their goals! And to run in the company of Haute Voleé women Kate Grace and Lauren Fleshman, to name a few?!?! I’m beyond inspired.

As I’ve done for most weekends this summer, I’m headed up to the ‘nard. I took out a home equity line so that I could take my family to the Ventura County Fair. Those rides can get expensive fast!

I also heard a rumor that there’s going to be a pre-Ventura Marathon training run on Sunday along the course. Are you in?

Where can I get a head lamp for running?

What do you love most about summer?

What is your favorite thing to do at the fair?

Definitely the barrel racers! Talk about tough chicks!

What’s your favorite fair food?

I love a good icy cold beer and hot kettle corn.