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I will have (hopefully) finished my second marathon at the Ventura Marathon!

The race organizer broke the good news that it’s officially certified as a Boston Qualifier. This means that the course was measured for accuracy based on USA Track and Field standards, and if my training pays off and my beer consumption/carb loading is effective and the stars align that day, I will run a sub-3:35 marathon.

Which would be super awesome.

Also good news: the finish WILL NOT be right at the pier, but rather at the state park parking lot just before the pier. Which, for those of you who have run Mountains 2 Beach, means no little tiny bike path hill (that takes no more than five or six steps to get up, but seems like an Everest climb)! Sometimes, it’s the little things in races that make me happy!

I spent the weekend up in Oxnard with my mom (who is the clear winner of the Most Supportive Mom Ever award), where we did fun things like eating fresh biscuits and strawberry jam at Pete’s, shopping for teachery things, looking at moon roofs on the Prius V, playing at the pirate park:


And dedicating an hour to watching Sunshine and Dane, the baby giraffes at the SB Zoo:


I also challenged my mom to run hill repeats on the SB Zoo’s road to the top, but she politely declined, indicating that she didn’t want to embarrass me. Thanks, Mom.



I love spending weekends at the beach with my kids and my mom!

Unless I go up to Oxnard after finishing the Disney Half, the next time I’ll be up there is in three weeks for the Ventura Marathon! Crazy, right?!?!

Here’s what last week’s training came down to:

Monday: 75 min. barre @ M6 and a 3.65 mi. walk

Tuesday: 5 super foggy, pre-sunrise miles; Hill repeats-1.5 mi. warmup @ 8:15 pace, 6×1 min. sprints uphill, jogging back w/no stopping, and a .5 mi. cool down @ 8:10 pace; 3.65 mi. walk

Wednesday: 10.25 mi. hilly run in 1:20:04; 3.65 mi. walk

Thursday: off

Friday: 10K at the beach (early, flat, and fast) in 47:34 min.; 4.75 mi. walk

Saturday: 10 mi. early, flat, and fast run on the middle-ish part of the Ventura Mary course in 1:17:05

Sunday: 22.25 mi. training run along the Ventura Mary course (thanks to one amazing race director and a handful of others who dedicated their Sunday morning to handing out water, Fluid, and face-sprays to us runners!) in 3:09:33.

My goal for this run was to run between 8:40s and 8:50s for the first 14 miles with my amazing runner friend who will be running her FIRST MARATHON on 9/8:


For the next 6 miles, I planned (and actually did, which is not the norm) on running between 8:25s and 8:15s, finishing the last two miles at MP or under. I KILLED the last 2 miles with splits of 7:45 and 7:34!

There was no stopping at my standard Carls Jr. because the super nice race director set up an aid station at mile 9/13 (it was/is an out and back course), so I’m sure my CJ peeps were sad when they didn’t see my sweaty self bust inside, making a bee-line for the soda fountain for an H2O refill. I’ll make it up to them next training cycle!

Waiting for me at the Ventura Pier were these lovely volunteers handing out smiles, words of encouragement, bananas and oranges, and Fluid recovery drink!



Now that I’m on the Oiselle team, I will be racing in Oiselle clothing, so I’ve been trying to figure out what bottoms I want to wear for the marathon. It’s NEVER a good idea to wear something new on an important race day.



I ran in the bum wrap. I’ll review a couple of the Oiselle bottoms later this week, but I think this might be the race-day bottom. I heart running in skirts so hard. The top is this one, which is on sale. It has a handy little pocket that was perfect for keeping my salt caps safe.

I can’t believe that there are only three weeks left! I’m excited/scared/nervous/pumped to see what happens come race day. I think it’ll be good, though!

Prius drivers: what do you like/dislike about your car?

Are you a shorts, capris, or skirt runner/workout-er?

I barre in capris, run in skirts or shorts, and walk in whatever shorts or capris are clean.

Long run: love, hate or both?

I love/hate long runs when I’m by myself, but love LOVE them when I run with my friend V!