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I’m wavering between being super pumped and super nervous about tomorrow’s big race. I’m certain that I didn’t do everything I should have to prepare for this race, but that’s life, right? For now, I need to focus on the positive: I had some great 10-milers, some solid long runs, and a many tempo runs along with several 50-mile weeks.

AND, most importantly, I remained INJURY FREE!!! 

My taper week has been filled with mixed emotions, lots of headaches (I gave up coffee (and sweets) this week… will resume consumption promptly at 5 AM tomorrow), and all around grogginess. This is similar to what I felt during M2B’s taper week, so I’m not entirely too concerned about it. At least my runs didn’t suck.

Confession: I only had 309.35 miles on my shoes, but because I’m a little bit on the looney side, I busted out some freshies this week to work them in before the mary. NOTE: I usually run in my shoes for between 400 and 500 miles or whenever my knees start to hurt.


Monday: Rest. Spent ALL DAY in the pool with the girls. Including this special friend:



Tuesday: Easy 5.5 hot, hilly, easy miles with J (running the Ventura Half!!!)




Confession: I am a hermit by nature. I may be a little bit good at my job, which requires hours of interacting with people, but take me out of the classroom, and my awkwardness will wow you. So it’s a surprise to me that I love running with friends so dang much! The time flies and the conversations are fantastic, and I look forward to them because most of my runs are solo.

Wednesday: A fast, hot, pre-dawn sweatfest of a 10K through my hilly neighborhood.

Thursday: 1 mi. warm-up and 4 miles at mary goal pace or under after the sun went down. I love me some nighttime miles.

Friday: Rest. 

Saturday: 3 easy miles with a few strides at the end to remind myself to turnover my feet.

The biggest change I made to this mary’s taper week from M2B’s is that I’ve been substituting my favorite egg/feta/tomato/avocado breakfast for Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats/Maranatha Almond Butter/chia seeds and I’ve been eating .5-1 microwaved sweet potato with cinnamon every day:



I’m not a potato person (fries not included), but I actually am growing to love the sweet potato with cinnamon!

I also can’t wait for tomorrow’s coffee. CANNOT WAIT!!!

When the husband and I took my mini-me to Pete’s on Thursday, I was a sad sack without my requisite cup o’ joe.

Good thing the biscuit and jam more than made me happy.



If you’re in town for the Ventura Marathon, you must make a stop at Pete’s Breakfast House. You won’t be sad. I promise. Bonus: the veggie breakfasts are amazing (see half-eaten frittata above). Every time I go there, I order the same thing, and I always feel the need to write about it because it’s just so stupendously tasty!

So now what…

I picked up my bib yesterday:



Where Blondie put the husband’s medic skills to good use:



The dude has helped a few kiddos dislodge their coconut heads in his days, so she was in good hands. To celebrate, they went off on their merry way to frolic in the sea.


Most importantly, I met up with V, who’s running her very first full tomorrow:


I’ve got my Garmin charging (thanks for the reminder, Jeanne!), my ipod charging, and my timing ship is on my shoe.

I’ve also added a 180 bpm metronome loop to my ipod. Just in I forget to run forward.

I’ve got my Oiselle jersey and bottoms out, and I’m going to choose between one of my million pairs of Pro Compression socks.



I’ll probably go with the neon yellow. They’ve become my security blanket for long runs, so why change up a good relationship?

And finally…

I have so many people to thank for helping me along this training cycle:

1. My mom, who sacrificed so much of her time to watch my girls while I went on my long runs and who is watching them, yet again, so that I race and hopefully qualify for Boston. She’s a pretty darn good mom.

2. My sister and my bro-in-law, who watched my girls for many mornings this summer when I went to barre classes and who watched the girls for Disney last weekend.

3. The husband, who has supported me infinitely and who has rubbed my tired ass feet every night for as long as we’ve been together.

4. Veronique, who has been my partner in crime and who may or may not be as crazy as I am. I hope we share many more marathons together!

5. My runner-in-denial friend, who has also given me words of encouragement that have meant so much and whose husband and boy I’ve endlessly interrogated about running and nutrition strategies.

6. My running mentor, a champion triathlete whose words of encouragement and helpful tips really help more than she probably knows.

7. Every single one of you who has sent me texts, FB messages, emails, phone calls, etc. encouraging me, supporting me, and cheering me on in my quest to BQ. 

I am so blessed to have so many of you cheering me on!

Thank you.

Come tomorrow, I’ll need a whole lot of magic fairy dust, but I remain hopeful that I can do this.

If you’re free, come out to Ventura tomorrow morning to cheer on J, Veronique, OUaL, and me as we go for gold!

If you can’t be there, prayers, chants, magic, star-wrangling, and thoughts are all appreciated and accepted. 

See you after the race!