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First things first:


Our trip is 100% booked. At least the hotel and flights. I hear people do lunges down the aisles of the airplanes. Is there any truth to this?


I’ll have the fish.

I’m still in the process of writing a post on marathon nutrition, but I thought I’d share a bit of what’s been going on around here.

It’s been a little strange adjusting to non-marathon training life! I was so used to recording 45-50+ mile weeks since the beginning of June and, before that, 40-50 mile weeks from January, that my weeks seem super easy on the distance. Before training for mary #1, I never “trained” for races; I just ran them at whatever pace I liked and hoped I’d PR. But I kinda really completely liked aiming for a goal, so I’ve decided to train to break 1:40 in a half marathon in December. Stay tuned.

This Saturday, I’ll be running a most ridiculously hard R.A.D. 10-Miler in Agoura. I’ve placed in my age group the past two years (read last year’s post here), but I’m just not feeling it this year.

Perhaps it has something to do with the new course:


It’ll be a beautiful course, starting and ending at Paramount Ranch, but that mile climb? I don’t know…

That climb right there between 5.5 and 6.5 is called the “Outlaw Mountain Showdown,” and the fastest runner up the mile wins a sweet t-shirt.

I just… I don’t know…

I’m counting on my wings to power me up. In the dang heat. So I can win an age group beer mug. Isn’t that what racing is all about?

agoura weather 10-5

Holy smokes, man! Can we please get some sweater weather around here?

All I can say is that there better be an icy cold beer waiting for me at the end!

Here’s what last week’s training looked like:

Monday: 8 evening miles around my ‘hood; if a hill crossed my path, I ran up (nothing like last minute hill training)/ 63 min.

Tuesday: 5 hot, hilly afternoon miles/ 39 min., 75-min. bum-whooping barre class

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 7-miles through the ‘hood, easy pace/ 56 min. *Still sore from barre!

Friday: off *Still sore from barre!

Saturday: 10 flat, warm, breezy, unnecessarily difficult Oxnard miles/ 80.2 min. *Still sore from barre!

Sunday: 10K at another unecessarily difficult effort in Oxnard/ 52 min. *Finally not sore from barre!

I don’t know what’s with my running, but that’s the way it goes. Some runs are just a pain in the rear to get through, but they always feel good when they end!

I spent the weekend up in the ‘nard running the flat beachlands, but there wasn’t anything that could help my legs turnover faster. I’m guessing that if I had woken up early enough to throw back a mug of joe, my tune would have been a little more upbeat.

Lesson learned.

Now, for the part of my life that is in turmoil, I feel like I need to break up with my Kayanos.

I know, I know. They have been super amazing, comfortable shoes, and the 19s have been so good to me, but I’ve been working on becoming more of a midfoot striker through various drills, and they feel slightly odd now as if the heel is too high. Same thing goes for the GT-2000s. I am interested in a slightly lower heel drop. Not a barefoot style, but something that will work more with where my form is going.

I am considering trying the Brooks Pure Flow line. Do any of you have any words of wisdom for me? I know that shoe buying is super personal, but I’d like to hear from those of you who have transitioned from a stability plus shoe to a neutral shoe with a lower drop. I’ve been told by the RRS shoe dog that I fit the mold for a neutral, but since I’ve been in stability plus shoes, I don’t really have to change. Thoughts?

Also, the Kayano is getting super expensive! I think the 20s are now $159!!! I’m going to have to get a side job to pay for my shoes that seem to get more expensive every year!

Tell me something awesome that happened to you this week.

What is your most favorite Trader Joe’s product right now?