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Good news: I’m finally getting into the swing of my new job and having my mini-me in school five days a week! I know, it two months, but at least I’ve made the adjustment rather than relied heavily on massive quantities of chocolate and wine!


Also good news: I found a pair of shoes that I think might become my new BFF!

Once upon a time, I tweeted and blogged about my dilemma of finding shoes that fit the “new” me. I sound all philosophical and fancy, right?

Truth is, in training for my last marathon, I incorporated post-run drills that transformed the way I run from being a heel-striker to being more of a mid-foot striker. Several readers and my running mentor gave me some solid leads, and I did some research of my own in regards to this major life decision. So, the day I picked up my RAD 10-Miler packet, I also picked up these:


They’re the Asics Gel-lyte 33 2s.

My initial impression was that they were ok. I ran about 20 miles in them in one week before I decided that it might be nice to try out the Brooks Pure Flows 2s.

Pureflows box
I also tried on these that were super amazing. I would love to run in them should I ever win the lottery and have the luxury of spending tons and tons of money on shoes that I have to replace every couple of months. Sure, they look like moon shoes, but they are SO stupendously comfortable!
As soon as I tried on the Pure Flows, warm fuzzies flowed through my feet straight to my heart.
Just to be sure, I tried on both the Asics and the Brooks side by side:
Brooks for the win. The forefoot cushioning and ride won me over.
Lucky for me, RoadRunner has a 30-day love it or leave it policy, so the Asics took the walk of shame back to the store after a mere 21.75 miles.
So, while I adjust to life in a neutral, lower drop shoe by adding miles in them slowly, I have had some free time (because who really wants to come home from a run, switch shoes, and go back out when you have two small people asking you to do things like bake pumpkin break or count leaves?).
(SIDE NOTE: When transitioning into a completely different shoe (like going from a “traditional” 10mm drop shoe into a 4mm shoe), you want to add miles slowly so you don’t injure yourself and end up on the DL. One way to do this is to run a majority of your miles in your normal shoes, and then switch shoes for one mile, then two, then three, etc. until your body has fully adjusted to the new kicks.)
One thing that I did last week was take care of my puppyniece, Roseanne. We call her Rosie for short.
While my sis and her fam were exploring the streets of Chi-town, I spent some QT with this 90-pound piece of puppyface:
rosie sitting
She’s a baby mastiff who thinks she’s the size of a chihuahua. While my sis was gone, I taught her to sit on command using a clicker and treats, so every time she sees me now, she sidles up to me REALLY CLOSELY just in case I forget she’s there. If, for some reason, I divert my attention away from her, she is quick to remind me that I, indeed, am her bff.
Rosie come
She loves love.
My whole past couple of weeks have been filled with love, actually.
I celebrated my bday at my favorite kid-friendly wine bar with my favorite wine-drinking, baby-toting friend:
stonehaus bday
Birthdays, babies, and bubbles = perfection!
I also celebrated with my family, who stocked me with chocolatey treats and love for days! My mom threw me a wonderful birthday dinner with my favorite foods: pizza, wine, and chocolate-marble cake.
Speaking of chocolate, have you tried these?
tjs chocolate
They are SO GOOD!!! Try them. You’ll thank me later.
This weekend, I’m running the Marla Runyan Camarillo Half Marathon. I’m not ready for a half, I haven’t been training for a half, and I certainly haven’t been logging enough miles for it to reach any bit of my sub-1:40 goal, so I’m just going to run it for fun. It’s going to be nice, I think.
What are you doing this weekend?
What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s treat?
Mine actually might be the pretzel rolls.