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Today’s action:

5 easy, hilly miles with my Ruby Sunshine

Sunday’s action:

14 easy morning miles through the ‘Nard/ 1:58:14

Saturday’s action:

6.15 flat and chilly evening miles through the ‘Nard/ 46:46

Running in Oxnard is just about my favorite thing. Sunday mornings are always filled with happy long-run runners, so there’s a real sense of family, which is what running is all about! It’s like being part of the best club ever! And there are no membership fees!

To fuel up for my 14-miler, my mom made the most delicious dinner:



She baked the salmon in a soy sauce/maple syrup/garlic glaze, and it was so perfect that the girls preferred it to their fish sticks! She roasted the broccoli with olive oil, sea salt, and tons of chopped garlic. I love this dinner so much. I actually think it’s my good luck running dinner because she always makes it for me before a race or long run! She’s a pretty rad mom, that’s for sure!

No dinner is complete without dessert, though! At Buttercups fro yo, they had buttered-popcorn brickle flavor!


No joke. I am fully aware that I am in the minority in loving buttered-popcorn flavored things.

Saltwater taffy and jelly beans? Only if it’s buttered popcorn flavor!

That means more for me.

And the sprinkles? Don’t get me started on the sprinkles! They’re hard, crunchy sprinkles instead of the soft, chalky sprinkles at Yo-land. I’m pretty sure that when the lovely people at Buttercups see me coming, they know that they are going to have to refill the sprinkles as soon as I leave.

I love love love long runs, but I have to remember that I must eat a bit more (at least more frequently) after those runs because I very quickly cross the line from runger (runner hunger) to runger rage.


Fortunately, just as I felt the rage coming on as the afternoon progressed, I quickly grabbed my leftover falafel pita sandwich from The Greek from the day before.



Falafel for the save!

My mom and I spent all weekend doing fun things with the girls. The weather was perfect, so we spent every second possible outside. First, we walked to the pirate park, as usual, and then we drove over to the Ventura Harbor for lunch at the Greek. Ever since Hawaii, the girls have been obsessed with taking these pictures whenever they can:



If the Guinness Book of World Records counted awkward family photos, I bet I’d win for having the most!

Later, we walked down to the Channel Islands National Park center and observatory for some more photo fun:






Blondie has wanted to run everywhere since her race the other weekend. She loves it! It warmed my heart when she asked if she could run with me today.



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Some day, Blondie!

As for today, though, somebody furrier was giving me a guilt trip about going for a run without her, so I leashed up everybody’s favorite golden for a jog around the ‘hood.



She was a happy camper until some dude’s dog peed on her. That’s right. We stopped for a few seconds just to say hi, but two seconds was all it took for the dude’s dog to lift his leg and mark her. She hung her head in shame for a mile until I promised her a swim in the pool (lazy man’s dog bath) when we got home, and that frown turned upside down!



Happy girl.

Tomorrow, I will give you a full report on the most amazing cupcakes ever from the sweetest 3-year old’s birthday.



What is your favorite pre-long run/race dinner?

Buttered popcorn flavor lover or hater?

Cupcakes or full-on cake?