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Today’s action:

6.25 windy, hilly miles/ dead Garmin

I’ve been putting off writing this post because it makes me sad to think how out of paddling shape I’m in.

This weekend is the Malibu SUPathlon, a 7-mile run (that I’ll hopefully kill) followed by a 6-mile paddle (that, last year, with months of sporadic (at least once a week) paddling, provided my biggest ass-handing of 2012).

In the past couple months, the only paddling I’ve been doing is this:



I have a side (mom) job: Water taxi tours of the Channel Islands Harbor.

I haven’t even been doing pushups. That would require effort, and I’m pretty much the laziest person around.

To compensate for my lack of training, this week will be filled with moments like this:


Carbs and planks always benefit the mind and body.

Regardless, the goal is to finish since Ma Nature herself can turn on us without warning. And by “turn on us” I mean “turn from a projected downwinder into a head-winder.”

Case in point. On Friday when I checked my lifeline weather.com, the wind models projected a NW wind for Sunday. That’s relatively downwind. West would be ideal (I think), but I’ll take a NW over an E any day.

Today’s model for Sunday Runday is looking like an 8 mph S wind. That’s most definitely NOT downwind.

“Oh, that’s bad,” from the husband. “You’ll be paddling on one side the whole time.”

But things can change.

And if anybody reading this can clarify as to the ACTUAL direction this wind will be blowing while I’m paddling my little heart out down the Malibu coastline (from Secos to North Zuma/South Broad Beach), that would be AWESOME.

I really need to take the husband’s advice and not let it get me down. Don’t focus on the things I can’t control, right? Make the best from what I’ve got.

In fact, the only goal I have for this race is to beat my husband, and I might do that because he jacked up his knee on Saturday at a kid’s birthday at an indoor trampoline park. Don’t ask.



He might not be running at all or he might try to run, but most likely, he’ll hitch a ride up to the transition at Secos and paddle with me.

In happy running news, I’ve officially broken up with my Kayanos. I’ve fallen head-over-heels madly in love with the Brooks PureFlows recommended to me by a few running friends including this girl.

83.5 miles, including two 10-milers and a 14-miler, and I’m smitten.



So light, so fast, and so wonderful.

I was worried about transitioning from a stability plus shoe to a neutral, but I started out with lower-mileage runs and progressively worked my way up (ok, jumping from 7 to 10 isn’t progressive, nor is 10 to 14). I would say that for the first week and a half, I felt like my legs were getting stronger, but I’ve adjusted since then to be able to run Sunday’s 14-miler with no soreness at all.

And now, for the moment you were all waiting for…



Behold the magical salted caramel cupcake from Sprinkles.

I promised a full review, but I just can’t do it. It’s glorious, and I don’t want to bore you with a useless review of something that’s so obviously perfect. All you need to know is that your life will change once you taste it.

I’m going to attempt an early morning, pre-work 10-miler tomorrow. We’ll see if that happens.

That reminds me… I need to go find my Garmin charger.

What’s your favorite cupcake shop? Flavor?

Type A or type not-A? How do you deal?

Stand-up, prone, or kayak?