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Today’s action:

7.10 hilly, windy, dark (have you seen the moon lately?!?!) miles/ 56:11

5 sets of 2-min. planks (2 of them with a quality IPA in front of me, but who’s counting?)

The alarm was set for 5 am. It went off. I heard a giant gust of wind blow the pool fence. I reset my alarm for 6:15. It is really quite impossible to want to wake up in the morning, especially when this beast is snuggling right up against me:



Instead, after alarm #2 went off, I lazed around on the couch, sipping my almond milk cappuccino and reading the news before the girls work up, and I did the same thing after a long day of work and meetings until I realized that the husband won’t be around for the next three days. No husband = TM runs = sadface. I like to run IRL instead of digitally, so I safetied up and headed out for some hill action. 



I took the super hot Oiselle Flyte shorts for a spin in the dark. Mostly because I’m a cover-it-up girl and felt that I wouldn’t damage too many eyes if I was flying under the cover of the night, but also because I wanted to see if they are a contender for Sunday’s SUPathlon. There’s a strong possibility that I will completely wipe out on the way in to the finish line, so I want to have my derriere covered with as lightweight and quick-drying a material as possible. It’s a contender, but because the race is during daylight hours, I think I might opt for the roga or the distance short.

You’re welcome.

I MUST get up early tomorrow or else I will be relegated to spending some QT with my un-BFF ‘mill in the garage. 

For the daily weather dot com check, Sunday’s wind model has shifted to a 6 MPH SSE. This is not a good direction, but if the winds don’t blow in the morning, I might be saved.

Because I botched the nutrition part of last year’s SUPathlon, I have some new plans. I have used this Da Kine waist pack before, but found it difficult to stop, unclip the nozzle, sip, and clip it back in. Also, the pockets are zippered. I was thinking of using the CamelBak marathon hydration pack instead. Has anyone used this? Chafing issues?

Please advise.

I remember from the last time I ran the Malibu Half that I wished that  I had brought my own water, so if you’re running the half and you’re used to carrying your own water, that might be something to consider. There are no water stations out in the middle of the Pacific, and I’m not making the “leave-it-all-on-the-beach” mistake again this year, so I need to figure my game plan out ASAP.

I will trade hydration pack rec’s for hot sauce rec’s. And I have a good one up my sleeve. Pinky swear.

Morning or evening runner/workout-er?

Favorite safety gear?

Current fave craft IPA?

Snooze-hitter or a one-shot-Sally?