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Hello, hello! Happy day-before-Thanksgiving!

I am so excited that I have five whole days off! Life around here has been super duper busy. Grades are due next Tuesday, so I have spent every single non-running, non-family, and non-sleeping moment these past two weeks grading essays, writing emails, and going to battle with the online grading system. I only have my first trimester final project to get through, and then I’ll be done! 


Sub 3-day with 5, and that’s me this weekend. I’ll take an extra two vacation days any day. Even if grading and planning are involved.

My goal race is coming up next weekend, and even though I have been putting in one day a week doing either hill repeats or track work, I don’t think that I’ll achieve my goal of cracking 1:40 because I have a brand spanking new injury.



<The only thing missing from my track workouts is my bff V, who, if the stars align, will be running Santa to the Sea with me next weekend!>

My right hip socket has been bothering me ever since I carried my SUP board up to the truck a couple weeks ago in Malibu. It felt almost like my leg bone jointy thing popped out of its socket. The board is heavy, and I was holding it funkily with my hip jutting out to the side when my hip socket started to hurt. I’m not sure what the issue is, so I took two rest days last week which seemed to help a lot, but on yesterday’s run, my hip made another cracky/grinding action within the first six strides. Of course I did the most irresponsible runner thing and finished my run. Today, I’m not anywhere close to 90%. Rest day it is. Has this happened to any of you? What was it? What did you do for it? I’ve been foam rolling and sticking my IT band, but it seems to be more of a joint thing.

Today will be filled to the brim with Thanksgiving prep work, but in the meantime, I’ll leave you with these gems from the past week:



Ruby Sunshine begged to go swimming after our run the other day when it was freezing (59 degrees! Don’t judge.). After I dried her off, she hopped right up on the couch to snuggle in Blondie’s favorite blanket. She wouldn’t survive anywhere other than So Cal.



My mini-me ran laps around the front yard while I finished my treadmill run last weekend. She likes to work her lungs extra hard by singing freestyle songs for the neighbors while leaping through the air. Yes, she’s also wearing one shoe. Girlfriend owns her style.



My littlest niece turned 1!



I stalked this girl



and this girl while web-watching the finish of the JFK50! They are AMAZING athletes!



My (best) mom (in the world) invited the girls and me over for breakfast after my 17-miler (on the treadmill!) last Sunday. She made homemade pumpkin pancakes!!! I LOVE pumpkin pancakes something fierce! How nice is she?!?!?!

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I decided that instead of running my local Turkey Day Dash, I would volunteer! It is #rungiving, after all. I figure that with as many races as I’ve done this year, I should give back to my local running community! If you’re going to be out there at CLU tomorrow, make sure to say hi! I’ll be there from 6-9!

Good luck to all the runners out there tomorrow!

Are you a Turkey Trotter, an early baker, or a sleeper-inner?

Are you a turkey eater or a side-dish lover?

Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or apple crisp?