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I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks here in blog-land mostly because life has been super busy. I’m never too busy for Instagram or Twitter, though!

Before I begin the amazingness of Six Things Saturday, I am obligated to tell you that the holiday season is in full swing over here in Haute Chocolate-land, and this weekend’s social calendar is bizarrely packed!

Last night, I attended the most fantastic work holiday party I’ve ever been to. (For serious, yo. Who knew that “fantastic” and “work party” would ever be used in the same sentence?) It wasn’t just “nice” or “festive.” It was all out rad. Even with a no host bar. Highlights of the night included watching my alma mater win the CIF Championship in football on TV, having one of my coworkers try to set me up with “the cute guy at the bar” who happened to be my husband, a beyond terrible (so terrible I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard) Elvis impersonator, and hanging out with some pretty ridiculously fun people!

Bonus points for the Green Flash IPA (hoppy-rific!) that I had never tried until last night. I’m not sure what particular IPA it was, but a quick Google search of the brewery definitely convinced me that I need to schedule a race down in the San Diego area so I can double dip and run/taste in one weekend. #carbloading

Tonight, I’m gong to the 2nd Annual Ventura Winter Wine Walk, aka, the Most Incredible Night of the Year! You can read about the amazingness of last year here. Let’s just say it’s pretty fun. To make it even better, beer tasting is in the lineup. I’m hoping to hit up more beer than wine so that I’m not all drained for tomorrow’s Santa to the Sea. #carbloading

Needless to say, the PR I was hoping for (sub 1:40) isn’t happening. I love running, but, man, do I love the holiday season! And honestly, I haven’t put in the speed work necessary to break my own record and my janky Garmin has been excelling at not working at all, so I haven’t a clue what my run paces have been these past few weeks. I’ll be satisfied with a sub-1:45.

And now, I present to you: Six Things Saturday

1. Costco Christmas Trees! Not all Costco locations carry the trees, so call ahead, but we’ve been buying our trees from the ‘co for the past 6 years, and we’ve never been disappointed! For a flat rate of $49, you can get a pretty gorgeous tree. My mini-me and I are into buying trees that are too big for our living room just because we can. And it’s fun to watch the huz bring the tree into our shoebox home.



2. Arrogant Bastard Double IPA. It’s definitely thick, and it’s super complex with it’s citrusy/cherry/caramel flavor. It’s more malty than hoppy, in my opinion (not a professional beer taster, just like tasting beer). It’s a fun beer to taste. We buy it at Trader Joe’s and at Costco.



3. Sugar cookies! I made the first batch of the season for my work Christmas party. I always use the Betty Crocker mix (found at Costco), roll small balls in Milton’s crystal sugar (you can find it at Vons), and put them in the fridge to chill so they come out fluffy and chewy after they’ve baked. Perfection.



4. Randies. You have to buy them if you are a runner or know a runner who is a little bit in love with the sport. They are made of sweat-wicking material so you don’t have to worry about buttne. I have run both long runs and speed work in them, and I’ve remained wedgie-free! I’d say if you’re in between sizes, then size down. You can find them here, and if you order this weekend only, you can get 15% off using code PROPICKS just because Lauren Fleshman and Kate Grace put them on their favorite’s list! 

5. Bad dogs. Because without bad dog behavior, I might actually have a semi-normal day! (Pardon the dog hair clumps… the King Charles has bad allergies and she’s on medication to help… medication that makes her think she has super-dog skills. These skills include, but aren’t limited to, scratching at the pantry cupboards until they open so she can snack!). I took the girls to the park, which was apparently the green light to do bad things. After the bad dogs opened the cupboard to get my tub of FLUID hydration, they (we were greeted by two guilty faces and one accusatory upon our return) opened it on up and dumped it out in the living room. Too sweet for them, I guess.

I still think everyone should have a dog, though. Despite their bad behavior, they are super sweet and have been doing a good job of keeping me warm at night.



6. Our house elf. Some say it’s creepy, I say it’s necessary. I have a ton of stuff to do, and having Snowflake visit this time every year makes mothering just a little bit easier. Santa’s got his people watching, folks. Be good. You can get yours here.




Our Snowflake has nothing on the creepiness of this guy (you can buy it here):



Wish me luck tomorrow at the race! If you see me, be sure to say “Hi!” I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing yet because I’ve never raced in 40-degree temps. I’ll definitely be wearing gloves, though.

Are you for or against elves?

What’s the most heartbreaking thing your dog has destroyed?

Are you for or against work holiday parties?