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Can you believe it’s 2014?!?!

I hope that you and your families all had a blessed and enjoyable holiday season. I sure did! So did Ruby Sunshine!



Despite the thousands of dollars worth of bread, pretzel rolls, avocados, bananas, and other tasty treats she surfed off our counters, Santa insisted on adding her to the Nice list. Must have been all those easy 6’s I dragged her on. Lucky girl!

She has promised not to steal any more of my food. One of the things I learned last year is to put important food items away when I leave, so tales of food thievery should be last year’s news.

I learned lots of things last year, in fact, and I feel really good going into 2014.

The other day, my wonderful mom asked if she could watch my mini-me and Blondie so that the husband and I could catch some waves, and I realized two things while I was out there:

1. I don’t surf nearly enough. It brings a joy to my heart that is indescribable. That, and the Cooperfish that the huz had shaped for me is pretty  much the sickest board I’ve ever ridden. It’s super fast, loves the pocket, making it fast and wonderful for nose-riding, and the fin makes a singing sound when I’m screaming down the line.


2. I need to set intentions for the things I spend my time doing.

My #2 really should be #1, but I love that new board so much, and for a runner to be as in love with hanging ten and dancing on water as she is with pounding pavement and trails, it nabbed the #1 spot because (gasp) I am finally ready to acknowledge that I might take life too seriously and worry about stuff that I have no control over. God, Mother Nature, and Dallas Raines all control the waves, and being out there on a gorgeous day with fun waves on a dropping tide reminded me of the fact that I really don’t have control over a lot of things I often try to control.

Let go and let God, right?

Easier said than done, but I am a work in progress.

When I am out on the water, I gain clarity and a sense of centeredness that helps me truly focus on the important parts of my life.

#2 is something I really need to practice. My running hit a wall of right before running Santa to the Sea, my second big goal race of 2013. My training runs seemed forced, I didn’t feel like I could rip my eyes off of my pace, and I was taking mini breaks all over the place on runs as short as 10Ks.


In fact, I have since decided not to write an entire post about how I PRed at 1:38:07. My reasons have to do with the fact that I spent the three days prior to the race having a blast at holiday parties that involved a lot of tasty food and definitely a lot of good beer. I didn’t get in the training I needed, my Garmin was over synching with satellites (a new will be shipping 1/10!), and my bestie had to pull out of the race due to a nagging injury. Things weren’t looking up.

But I let it go. I set my intention to enjoy the race as much as possible, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of a speedy 50-something year old dude named Gonzalez who runs most of the same races I do. He and his speedier running buddy and I chatted away the miles, hashing out everything from where each of us is staying in Boston to improving leg turnover to how the world needs more fine ladies to run with gentlemen like themselves, and before I knew it, I was at the finish line, PR in hand.

At the time, I was solely focused on getting home and warming up, but out in the water the other day, I realized something bigger had happened to me. I fell back in love with running because I focused my intention on what I could control: my attitude.

The first day of winter break, I had a little chat with my janky Garmin about how it’s not her, it’s me. Every single training run I completed for Surf City during the past few weeks (with the exception of the soul-sucking treadmill runs) has been naked. No Garmin. Bare wristed. Instead, before each run, I set the intention to A.) push myself, B.) enjoy myself, or C.) see how I feel after the first mile to determine the effort.

It’s been life changing.

I will probably not PR at Surf City, but falling back in love with running has been more than worth it. 

I have seen the same positive vibes infiltrate my time with my girls and the huz as well. Setting my intention to have fun with my kids and the dude of the house instead of doing things as perfectly as possible or as quickly as possible or as quietly as possible has made for a stress-free and fantastically amazing break. I mean, some things need to be done neatly, flawlessly, and/or silently, but I can’t continue to let my type-A-ness dampen a pretty blessed and beautiful life.

That said, I do have some big time (for me) running goals for 2014. They are:

1. to run the Ventura Marathon in September in 3:25 or under.

2. to run Santa to the Sea in 1:36 or under.

3. to break 45 min. in a 10K.

4. to beat Mountains 2 Beach instead of letting it beat me (re: BQ and not bonk at 15).

While I chase my goals, I will keep reminding myself that running is a gift. Crappy runs happen (bahahahahaha!), but so do fab ones, just like the days of our lives.

Here’s to 2014!

Are you a control freak or a hater of control freaks?

I’m both. Go figure.

What is one of your goals for 2014?

Who wants to run with me but just doesn’t realize it yet? (There are at least 5 of you that I know of, and I’ll call you out if I have to).