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Today’s workout:

8 miles on the ‘mill/ 6 @ 8:20 pace, incline 1; 1 @ 8:06, incline 2; 1 @ 7:47 (I think), incline 2


I’m officially one week out from the Surf City Marathon, and I’ve learned a couple of things during this marathon cycle. Most importantly is that I probably should avoid active.com or any other race reg sites while trolling Twitter for race results.

I may or may not have signed up for this marathon in a fit of jealousy as I watched my fellow Oiselle teammates absolutely slay their 2013 goals towards the end of the season. I’ll let you be the judge of that. Let’s just say that I was definitely sucked in by their awesomeness.

PRs fell right and left, and I even managed to squeak in a slightly hungover half mary PR at Santa to the Sea (btw, that race is always awesome, and I think I’m already reg’d for it next year (and I should be for every December for the rest of my life), so sign up and run with me!), so the next logical step was to hop on the interwebs and do some damage to my bank account. Surf City was the first victim.

What I didn’t anticipate was the lameness of winter training cycles. For the past 15 weeks, I’ve had a first class ticket on the motivation strugglebus. On the days when the huz was home, running without a Garmin and with the world’s slowest golden became my dailyish post-work activity.


So did hanging out at the beach with Ruth Colada (the lab) and the fam.

Translation: I got lazy.

I hit my weekly mileage, but I cannot tell you at all if I kept my tempo runs at tempo pace. I certainly didn’t hit up the track. 75% of my long runs were on the bloody running machine in my garage. And if I was fortunate enough to run outside and passed a happy eye-contact-making-tail-wagging beast? You can bet that I stopped to say hello.

I was a happy runner.

Until two weeks ago when I was laid out by Head and Chest Cold 2014. Laid OUT. As in, my rib cage hurt terribly from coughing and my sinuses might as well have been daggers shanking my forehead. The singing of my two spawns, sounds I’m usually overjoyed to hear, was enough to drive my head straight into the pillow to seek out silence. I was miserable.

I’m still not 100% yet. I’m not even 80%. I’ve been sleeping a lot and running really easily, coughing only when I hit a stoplight and at the end of my run, but the most sad thing (mentally) was missing my last long run last week.

So, between my missed long run, my cold, and my non-training, and the fact that I registered for a full marathon without really thinking the whole training process through, I’m not at all confident that next Sunday’s race is going to be a wild success. 

On the positive side, I’ve remained injury free! 

Now I have to “trust in my ‘training'” and eat a bunch of these:



Yes, that’s a pool of butter underneath the sweet potato.

And live in my favorite compression socks all week (something new and different 😉 ):


And hydrate like crazy with cherry limeade and strawberry lemonade Nuun.


And smile. If I do all of those things, I hope to finish Surf City with my runner’s heart in tact.

Oh, yeah. Do you think I should tell my coworkers that I began my no-coffee-the-week-before-a-marathon ritual? 

Probably not, huh.

The second thing I’ve realized over the course of this training cycle is that I don’t feel like I’ve done a great job with my training because I haven’t been blogging as much. I feel much more accountable when I have to log my day’s worth of crap. I know that my daily training log isn’t interesting, and looking at nonsensical pictures of the silly things my girls do probably doesn’t interest too many people, but I have to blog for me. I hope it doesn’t annoy you.

So get ready for a lot of attitude, at least during list last week of tapering. And get ready to read about my journey to breaking 3:25 in the marathon next September.

I’m just crossing my fingers and laces that I really love the marathon distance and it wasn’t just the high I got from BQing last year that made me thing so.

Are you running Surf City?

What are you training for?

What do you take the most picture of?

If you could run any race anywhere, which one would you choose?

The London Marathon