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Today’s workout:

10K hilly evening run littered like crazy with strides/ 49 min.

After feeling sluggish and down about my running last week (partly because I was pace-mongering my new Garmin, but mostly because that’s part of the marathon training schedule), I decided to compare my new 220 model with my old 210 model on today’s jaunt.



You can read about the radness of the 220 on DC Rainmaker’s site (he writes the best reviews). I just wanted to compare my old and new data collectors on the same run, and I think I love the 220 more than I did last week. My 210 was always off at the end of races by about a tenth of a mile, so I am happy that the 220 seems to be slightly more accurate. It took the 210 .03 miles to start, so at the end of 6.21 miles, it looks as though the 220 might be more accurate than the 210.

Oh, and I figured out something kind of important the other day.

I can’t tell you why my type-A-ness missed this, but for the past 3 years I’ve been running, I’ve thought the 10K was 6.12 miles.

It’s not. It’s 6.21.


Today’s run pumped the confidence in my runner’s head that I really needed leading up to Sunday’s race. I really don’t care for the heavy legginess and self doubt of the taper period. I’ve just started to welcome the RLS-style itching-for-a-run feeling. This is good news.

After my run, I refueled like usual with a dose of Fluid Recovery.



I’m pretty certain that using a high-quality recovery drink has been key to my training and keeping my body healthy. I don’t often have time to prepare myself a “real food” recovery meal because I run while my kids nap, so I rely on the convenience of scooping tasty chocolate powder into a water bottle, shaking it up, and chugging for a quick and easy drink. I’m sure there are many other high quality recovery drinks out there, but Fluid is relatively locally made (SLO!), and I love anything chocolate, so that’s why I’m hooked.

I’m kind of superstitious in the days leading up to races. To help my type-A-supersticious tendencies, every morning, I have my breakfast and water bottles prepped and ready to go out the door.



Bob’s Red Mill organic steel-cut oatmeal, chia seeds, and almond butter for the carby b-fast.



Three water bottles, including two Nuuns, and one Perrier for the work day. My one-of-the-farthest-classrooms-from-the-faculty-restroom classroom hasn’t proved to be a problem yet, but there’s still time. I don’t plan on wearing Depends (which I still have a stash of after spawn #2), so I’m counting on my speed work training to be invaluable should I need to reach the potties during the 5-minute passing period.

If I can’t make it, at least I know my students are nice and kind enough not to make fun of me. Case in point:



According to a student (and I am not denying it), a long time ago, I mentioned how much I love Mexican families and their dynamics, Mexican food, and, particularly, ceviche.

Thankfully, I didn’t say anything about how I’m a sucker for a good marg.

So, when her mom was making ceviche last night for dinner, she asked if she could bring some in for me today. How amazingly sweet is that?!?!?!

Complete with homemade tortilla chips.

How did I get so lucky?

The only thing I’m concerned about is that my pre-race eve good luck dinner is my mom’s/stepdad’s famous grilled salmon (she marinates, he grills), some Naan bread, and caprese salad or baked broccoli (all summer foods, I know), so I’m definitely going to have to deal with not eating this the night before.

To celebrate today’s awesomeness, I finally opened up these cans of glory:



Golden Road Brewing brews some of the best local craft beer I’ve tasted in a while. I picked up this Burning Bush smoked IPA at Costco. It’s only available for a limited time, so I highly recommend buying some if your local Costco carries it. I’ve also seen Golden Road at Trader Joe’s, so you can check there, too.

And with that, I cheers to you guys! May your week be as awesome as you want it to be!

Do you have game day or race day superstitions? What are they?

What is your current fave craft beer?

What’s the last super nice thing someone did for you?

What’s the last super nice thing you did for someone else?

I shared my ceviche with the huz. =)