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Today: Rest

Yesterday: Rest

Wednesday: 5.25 easy (Garmin-less), hilly, post-work miles

Fueled by chocolate:



I’m pretty certain that three See’s chocolate balls are the perfect pre-run snack.

This week has been crazy jam-packed with things to do that didn’t involve sitting on my bum reading tabloids, which is what happens when you have two spawns and a job to tend to.

My marathon week uniform this week has consisted of this:



It’s finally chilly enough to wear boots in good ol’ CA, and what goes best with these Frye’s? PC argyles!

Last year, I didn’t have a problem resting before my marathon because I worked every other day and could sit on the couch eating bon bons, but now that I work every day, I’ve had to be creative in ensuring my legs feel fresh after days of logging miles around the classroom in a pair of boots. Wearing compression socks definitely works.


Having awesome spawns also helps. Mini me was one of the Kindergarten students of the month for January! She was totally surprised!


That is the face of a super-stoked mini-me, believe it or not.

Making her day even better was having my mom there, too! And because my mom loves any excuse to celebrate, she took us out to lunch after school where I continued to carb up for Surf City this weekend.



Two of my favorite foods: marg pizza and Dogfish Head 90-min. IPA.

As I write this post, I’m eating a bowl of pasta with olive oil and parm. I seriously  have a fear of reliving the 15-mile marker bonk of my first marathon last year. That means I’ve also had oatmeal and a half of a sweet potato every single day this week. And I’ve consumed a good 8 tumblers of water, 2 of them strawberry lemonade Nuuned each day.

I’m strangely not nervous about Sunday funday. I still have this crappy cold, I know my training was sub-par, and I can’t for the life of my find my ipod mini. I remember putting it somewhere really safe where it wouldn’t get lost. Whoops!

I spent a little bit of time packing for the trip down to HB tomorrow. First, I bagged all of my race nutrition and the Garmin:



<5 Gus, the Garmin, Trislide for the toesies, salt caps, and SportLegs>

I’ll also be carrying my own water bottle.

Then, I packed my race-day garb:



<Trail-dirtied Kayano 20s, PC argyles, an indigo Bum wrap, the strappy bra, my Oiselle singlet, and a visor>

I am really excited to run a larger marathon than the previous two I’ve run before. I’m crossing my fingers for a strong finish!

Where do you think my ipod mini is?

Where is a good place to have a pre-race dinner around HB/Newport?

What fuels you through your runs?