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8 easy miles on the ‘mill/ incline 1 @ 8:34 pace

After last Sunday’s marathon, I decided to take the week off to let my body heal and do it’s thang instead of jumping right back into training mode so that I could be absolutely 100% positive that I felt no little nigglings (physically or mentally) beyond the standard (for me) soreness (and quasi-burnout). The conservative approach to recovery is to take one day off per mile raced, but the best advice is to listen to your body to know when it’s okay to start logging the miles again.

I’m not sure what I loathe most: the taper period or the rest period. The marathon is easy peezy compared to both.

Luckily, the husband was home from Monday-Wednesday, which meant that I was able to sit around while he did neat things like save the girls’ bath water to water the fruit trees.


We live in California, the only state unaffected by the polar vortex or the Pineapple Express, so water conservation is our M.O.

After he left on Thursday morning for a 4-day shift, I became super depressed because it actually rained(ish), and I wasn’t able to run in it. #motherrunnerproblems

So instead, I ate leftover D’Amores (best pizza in the world) and trolled the interwebs for #sochiproblems.



Oh, and can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that I foam rolled and down-dogged AND sticked EVERYSINGLEDAY this past week?!?!?!
To the non-runners out there, that alone (for me) is more impressive than running a marathon. Proper recovery is critical to feeding my forever love of running.
I mean, I can’t let Ryan Gosling down, right?
No pictures, though, so it might not have actually happened (the foam rolling, not Ryan Gosling sending me a Valentine).
Hey, a girl can wish, right?
Then, it was time for me to be a mother when mini-me woke up from a nap with a 102-degree fever. The husband always misses the fun parts of parenting. Nevermind the fact that he trucks people into the ER for days at a time. 😉
Thankfully, the nurse practitioner deemed it “an upper respiratory infection” and sent us home with nothing but discharge papers. Better safe than sorry, I say. 
What better way to celebrate not having the flu than with cupcakes? It was Papa’s birthday this weekend, so we HAD to celebrate!
The next time you have a birthday party and don’t have candles, don’t blow out tea lights instead. The hot wax might splash out and drip on your skin.
Happy birthday, Papa! Thank goodness you’re a tough guy!
We’re spending the rest of our Sunday pretending to be Olympians, watching the crazy-good 15-year old Russian chick absolutely dominate figure skating.
What are two things you want to accomplish this week?
What is your favorite winter Olympic sport to watch?
What do you like most: winter or summer Olympics?